Group 851

Puzzle 1

German sausage most often made from pork
Tarantino film about diamond thieves, not dogs
Songwriter and bassist of the Rolling Stones
State Museum; Russian art museum
Astronaut played by Bill Paxton in Apollo 13
Freshwater aquarium pet that is fully transparent
Ordinary/overused, like phrases in everyday speech
What Zoom, Facetime enable you to do
Myles 16th-century bishop and Bible translator
Metal protection made from tiny interlocking rings
Rear torso that men may want to wax
An illness that quickly and uncontrollably spreads
Main church of a diocese where the bishop presides
Fast-paced, upbeat ballroom dance
Comes with thunder
Timepiece filled with sand

Puzzle 2

Genre associated with Agatha Christie
Send cardboard to a mill to be remade
A hotel room overlooking the ocean has one
Person who publishes an online diary
Stringed instruments with the highest pitch
Wailing spirit
Brushing on fine powder to set makeup
Someone without weapons is this
Fattened middles in which your trousers feel tight
TV audience measurement rankings
Clearly, simply
Wizard or sorcerer
A meringue dessert with whipped cream and fruit
Rhett Butler: my dear, I don’t give a damn
People visit a tailor for this
Floating, keeping something up in water
Sister isle of Nicobar isles in the Indian Ocean
Space to view pieces of art
Won three paralympic golds with Charlotte Dujardin
Annual event in Alberta, Canada: Stampede

Puzzle 3

Exercise machine used for running and walking
A thick blended ice cream drink topped with cream
Found innocent through a trial
Healing application, removes buildup from scalp
The opposite of an arrival at an airport
Canary Island closest to Fuerteventura
Avian phrase for a direct path, as the
The study of reactions between substances
A thick, blended ice cream drink
The science associated with the study of matter
The oxygen-binding protein in muscle cells
Military shoulder belt for carrying cartridges
To copy or reproduce
1986 movie directed by Stephen King: Maximum

Puzzle 4

Venus de Milo was carved out of this stone
Small shrine built into rock
Twist in tendons and ligaments that causes injury
perm, 80s hairstyle that resembled a fluffy dog
North African cooking pot with a funnel
Work out, make sense of
Half a byte in computing
Guinea pigs and capybaras
Reserved a ticket
Applies wet glue to a surface liberally
The type of snow preferred by skiers
The country where tequila originated
To gain a controlling interest through purchase
The money paid for capturing someone
Less bright
Wanting food and getting mad about it

Puzzle 5

High-top eating surface for a small group
Portuguese is an example of one
Con artist Harold Hill stars in this stage show
First name of German composer Brahms
The A in API, required by some airlines
Trapped on a (dark purple?) island
Burmese regiment commanded by Orde Wingate
Used to make samosa, brik, from Tunisia
Portuguese or Klingon are examples of this
Shooting pain from the lower back into the leg
The North Pole; a compass points to it
A plastic money equivalent for a certain store
Small Japanese pepper with a wrinkled surface
Machine exercise, push weights up with feet
Merida’s kingdom in Disney’s Brave