Group 850

Puzzle 1

Biblical hunter and grandson of Ham
The place where royals live; Buckingham
Greek mathematician dubbed father of geometry
Country with Viking history and scenic fjords
Start one’s computer again
R.L. Stine’s evil ventriloquist dummy character
Not out at sea, on the coast
Star of The League of Gentlemen, Mark
Groups of kangaroos
A light and fluffy dessert-like pudding
Exclamation: That’s a whole different kettle !
Played three shots on a par five
Other name for the 2009 Collective Soul album
Democrat nominee in 2000 US presidential election
Amsterdam ; DiCaprio’s Gangs of New York role

Puzzle 2

Artificial palm-shaped isle off Dubai’s coast
The male birds of this species are bright red
A spiritual prediction of divine nature
Theatre, venue of the World Snooker Championships
A 2005 film, V for
Freddy Mercury’s Rhapsody
Liqueur in a purple hooter shooter
Ryan’s married Irish woman, WWI affair
Charts or technical drawings with labels
Dickens wrote about this Nicholas
Nocturnal camouflaged birds with short beaks
on something; decide to end or quit
Canal that flows through Berlin, built in 1840s
Planned city that is capital of India
Device from which rockets are boosted into space
Terracotta ; collection of sculpted soldiers
Third Roman emperor; his name means little boot
Describes fruits without the pips

Puzzle 3

Celtic people of Iron Age Britain
Tower of Pisa, a listing building
Eat food
Journalists have to write this
They control Gringotts in Harry Potter
Group, male performers with azure skin paint
Cor double-reed woodwind instrument
it, improvising, doing something on the fly
City housing King Peter of Castille’s royal palace
The L in a BLT sandwich
Financial help to save a firm from bankruptcy
Former Soviet state, with Minsk as the capital
Strung implements that tennis players use
A newspaper journalist has to write one
Fibrous connective tissue joining bone to muscle
Growled with bared teeth
Childhood condition with red dots on skin
Body ; security screening machine at an airport
Holy warrior class of Dungeons & Dragons
Roman name for French city of Orléans
This Peck won an Oscar for his Atticus Finch role
Device that creates a digital copy of an image
Key ingredient in waterless hand cleansers
Tropical tourist draw of orchids, tree ferns
Bird idiom meaning to admit you were wrong

Puzzle 4

Quick watercraft with a motor
Samuel founder of Quebec in 1608
Audio tapes used before CDs
Official assessment of something’s value
Another name for bird watching or ornithology
Speech/writing that is overblown with pompousness
Motivational job to improve individual well-being
Platz, famous public square in central Berlin
Tabloid nickname for any ferocious dog
Star of School of Rock and Tenacious D
Holiday for breaking and sharing optalek in Poland
Surgery performed on a patient

Puzzle 5

Poi is pudding made of this vegetable and its base
stones, pathway across a river
Dressing gown worn after a shower
The sound of amusement
A workbook used for studying a subject
Legendary South American place of vast wealth
Trip including air travel and a rental vehicle
A piece of literature used for studying a subject
Condition with reduced amount of melanin pigment
These long-necked animals are born with ossicones
Round, edible berries from the nightshade family
We looked like giants, said for Cutie
TV/theatre impresario, brother of Bernard Delfont
Drive past another moving vehicle
Gifts, wrapped parcels
Military codename for the Dambusters raid
The 1971 James Bond film, Are Forever
Building layout with no internal room divisions
Don Quixote’s ideal woman
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and
Last name of Hot Lips from M*A*S*H
Jennifer, Joey, or D. H.
up, buying ahead in case of shortages