Group 849

Puzzle 1

French wheel brand, with inflatable mascot
Diver’s footwear
Sporting sweater? What Americans call a turtleneck
Tiny drainage hole in corner of lower eyelid
Plans, plots
Desert sport, seen in the Paris-Dakar event
A sudden rush of a large animal herd
Large-scale negative reaction to political change
The Italian temple dedicated to Roman gods
A Spanish tomato soup that is served cold
Actor Charles, voice of Super Mario
If one is as slow as this, they’re incredibly slow
Scotty was a Star Trek catchphrase
Vanessa Carlton’s hit song, A Miles
Small red fruits used in Persian cuisine
DMC sports car manufactured from 1981-83
Magical crystal ball in Tolkien’s legendarium
Via Rome road links Piazzas Venezia and Popolo
Observances that are celebrated in picture books
ash, tree with red berries, also called rowan
A pause or delay before acting
Desert sport, epitomized by the Paris-Dakar event
Flick’s tongue froze to this in A Christmas Story

Puzzle 2

Long Walk for Freedom: autobiography of Nelson
Fictional kingdom of Arthur
Grey’s long-running hospital drama
Counterfeit or forge, a document, for example
German scientist who developed diptheria antibody
Beetles that spread a Dutch tree fungus
Kitchen cupboard or work surface
Thor Heyerdahl’s globe-faring raft
Little Red Rolling Stones single of 1964
Vehicle frame
What drivers encounter during rush hour
Highest law officer, especially in American West
Female deity, Devi
Type of singing competition in the film, Duets
Marks left on the stomach after pregnancy
MacGyver works for this foundation
Structural and functional kidney unit
Tropical, crescent-shaped nuts
Agree, give permission
Ploughs trenches

Puzzle 3

Dawn early morning birdsong
offerings; items left in sacred places
-Élysées, prestigious Paris shopping street
Gary spiky-haired chef of British cuisine
Most light-skinned
Scooby-Doo’s best friend
An example is what has an eye but cannot see
Lightest, least-dark shade
A web browser; a tourist trip in Africa
Lost in Japan singer: Shawn
US state purchased from Russian Empire in 1860s
Ancient Greeks called it an agora
Bed covers that are fitted over mattresses

Puzzle 4

Romeo’s cousin in Shakespeare play
An herb with a distinct taste used in Absinthe
Common type of glass used alongside silica
Nationality of gymnast Nadia Comaneci
They go next to a plate before a meal
What parties are looking for in dungeons
Chinese practice of interior design
Plan of things to do during the day
The tiny green character from SpongeBob
Common type of non-rechargable battery
Teixeira, who played Gemma in Trigonometry
A Canadian vodka with a bear on the label
Brings together two entities
World’s tallest roller coaster, at an NJ Six Flags
Dog breed named for its butterfly-like appearance
Illness classified by a group of distinct symptoms
Fish for frying or clumsy decision-making
Schiller poem set to Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony
Plan of things to do, with timings
Penny directed Big and A League of Their Own
To deliberately ruin something
confession, owning up before one passes away
The first element in the periodic table

Puzzle 5

Communist party’s policy-making committee
A place where the sick or injured are treated
Booklets featuring potential holiday destinations
Civil Rights activist known for bus boycott
Max Fleischer’s 1930s character, oop-a-doop
Using spies to gain intelligence
19th C dress style supported by wide steel hoops
Dark water bird native to Australia
A fictitious name, often used by authors
An archipelago of islands off the coast of Ecuador
Outpourings of moving magma
Non-acting crew for a play performance
Mirrored surface on a bicycle wheel
2004 film subtitled A True Underdog Story
When a book, movie takes an unexpected turn
Institution for the destitute
of Hippo, North African bishop and philosopher
TV drama about 1920s Atlantic City, Empire
Balanced sums in mathematics