Group 848

Puzzle 1

Sisters Jackie the writer and Joan the actress
Chart-topping Cuban singer Camila
Cooking utensil with a flat, flexible blade
Playing piece in a game
In this game, players knock over pins with a ball
Name of Crazy Eyes in Orange is the New Black
Slanting, at an incline
To destroy someone’s reputation with a statement
City in Turkey with ruins once belonging to Greece
bun, doughy swirl with raisins from W London
Files that save your browsing information
Land with a lot of potential for crop growth
Owners might take their dog on this light running
Fat squares of fabric for quilting
Genre of fairy tales
Member of a board with administrative power
Offer assistance to the less fortunate
Benjamin ; US politician known as Pitchfork Ben
Henry Fonda’s character in The Grapes of Wrath
Four-sided shape with 2 acute and 2 obtuse angles
Mystical Church of San Juan Bautista Church state
Outlining geographical areas on paper
Deer meat

Puzzle 2

Mediterranean plant with a human-like root
class; travel option chosen by executives?
Tickle the ivories or type a memo on this
El Royal Site of the Spanish monarchy
Widespread mineral that crystallizes from magma
Using string to remove food from between teeth
The animated family including Marge, Bart and Lisa
New nickname for rosy new balls in cricket
Argon, neon or helium
Widespread hostile reaction to change
2007 Jeremy C. Shipp sci-fi novel about travel
Lady Gaga’s fans are called Little these
Crispy bread pieces served with soup or salad

Puzzle 3

Positive feelings, sent to someone psychically
Chronicles, fantasy RPG with Shulk
Morel, Shiitake, Oyster, Portobello
Ball; New York festival on Randall’s Island
Kid lit, delivered by subscription as they age
Remove old skin from the surface
Major UK-based tennis tournament
operations, military attempt to deceive
A game where players explore a block-like terrain
Surname of the man who invented the printing press
Gave public support or recommendation to
Bowls for draining pasta
Private eye
The American crime film starring Al Pacino: The
Writer who’s the ex-wife of Jeff Bezos
Results from division problems
Mammal that carries its baby in a pouch
Napoleon’s home in George Orwell’s animal novel
Wackiness shown by many picture book illustrations

Puzzle 4

Conferred with a title in name only
Brazilian stew of pork and black beans over rice
of the Guard, daily regal ceremony in London
The sky’s bright and vibrant shade of blue
Name of the Chinese currency
To surgically remove a limb or digit
Indiana Jones’ cracking leather braid
The Celtic queen of the Iceni tribe
Overconfident, arrogant, conceited
Robin Knox- non-stop, around-the-world sailor
Carry-on luggage on a flight
Greek biographer and essayist of Parallel Lives
Process for extracting a metal from its ore
Those laid on their backs in hospitals
Planetary movements that influence astrology
With perpetual life, everlasting
One might put one together for workout music
belt; rotating service system in sushi bars

Puzzle 5

Horizontal crossword clues
Way of saying a language, shows where you’re from
First name of the singer better known as Sting
River that joins the Crocodile to form the Limpopo
Street in NY named by the Dutch after a farm
Kerk; 15th-century Amsterdam church
Containers in which butter is produced
Televised political argument
Brisk, spirited musical tempo
Whovian idol’s medical moniker
Hartland politician, brewer and war hero
Cheekily complimentary
& Demons, first novel in Robert Langdon series
paint, hues mixed with water for kids’ artwork
Annunciation in language, shows where you’re from
The teen character played by James Van Der Beck
Honeydew, casaba, and cantaloupe
2016 movie: Fantastic and Where to Find Them