Group 847

Puzzle 1

TV family who live at 1313 Mockingbird Lane
Imitation crab sushi ingredient
glove, for getting fur off pets quickly
Medication affecting hormones to build muscle
Aldus scholar and founder of Aldine Press
Paper that absorbs ink, used in calligraphy
Describes sets of data with no common members
Type of worship of repeating phrases in a group
Annotation at the bottom of a page
System of classifying plants and animals
Vestigial organ of the colon
What picture books with numbers help teach
British defeat to Colonists in Revolutionary War
Taken by force, kidnapped
Unplugged version of a song; a hollow guitar
Slim not much remaining to choose between
Enclosed space used to display fish
Nickname for Qantas Airways: the Flying
The United Kingdom’s first female prime minister
Dystopian RPG where Friend Computer is the master
Magical food of the gods in Ancient Greece
Country whose capital is Bridgetown
Disapproving, disparaging, judgmental

Puzzle 2

Home that is towed behind a vehicle
Spicy paste from Africa, often rose-scented
A hurricane is called this in the Western Pacific
The Washington Monument is an example of one
Survivor’s slogan: Outwit, Outplay,
The tower of Pisa
Group of people living together and sharing
Waldorf- ; luxury New York hotels built in 1893
Judy Blume’s coming of age eternity book
Military code for the letter F or a couples’ dance
The Greek hero who killed Medusa
The antagonist, arch enemy
1995 Van Halen Album
Too much food, a celebratory meal
1964 film about a traveling fair heist
Words written on a tombstone
Winged babies in Renaissance paintings
Basins from which horses drink water
The Washington Monument, e.g.
Became CEO of Apple Inc in 2011

Puzzle 3

Foods like potatoes, breads, pastas
Song with a specific dance from Rocky Horror
Roman name for French city of Chartres
First name of German Renaissance painter Dürer
The body part also known as the mesencephalon
Male gymnasts compete on these bars
When moon pulls on ocean, causes water to rise
Extra high men’s singing voice
Havoc created by cheeky troublemakers
Under Dylan Thomas’s play for voices
Herb root used to treat insomnia
Red-orange New Zealand apple variety
Dissolvable cube that freshens and cleans toilets
François key figure in French New Wave cinema
When a fallen champion returns, they make a
Super highway passing through Hamburg
Members of cavalry units or mounted police
Shakespearean wizard from The Tempest
Christian scene of Jesus’ birth in a manger
Cumberbatch or eggs
Science of obstetrics
Commercial companies for global plane travel
Separated into a different road
Things, popular Netflix show set in the 80s
French perfume house of Organza, Amarige, Ysatis
Commercial design art used for advertising
Constructed machines with their own energy source

Puzzle 4

Makes power
Wonder of the Ancient World found in Halicarnassus
A pain-reliever known by the name Advil or Motrin
Her DC Comics alter ego is Supergirl
To get rid of or completely eliminate something
Books are delivered in boxes made of this material
Delivery boxes are usually made of this material
Pages saved on a bar in your browser
Cocktail of vodka, cranberry and grapefruit juices
Its capital city is Buenos Aires
The broomstick sport in the Harry Potter movies
The first New Town designed for London’s overspill
Gerald Ford was the 38th one of the United States
Singer Harry who made The Banana Boat Song famous
An animal that can live on land and in water
Golden calf, revered object of worship
People who buy stuff
Catch-22 character, Captain John
Pattern-style of ballroom dance
Restored German parliament building in Berlin

Puzzle 5

Small white whale with a prominent forehead
call; early morning contact from hotel staff
Chewing gum while chopping these may banish tears
What type a file is, e.g. PDF, xlsx
A passage in a contract that limits something
Doge’s ; residence of the Chief of Venice
St Toronto subway stop, English patron saint
Prime of life, time of youth
Me you Jane
Silesia saint to whom Berlin cathedral is devoted
This head was a cult movie by David Lynch
Knot associated with Ireland, Scotland, Wales
Gripping tool with serrated pincers
Leg of sleeve shape that balloons at the top