Group 846

Puzzle 1

He’s been married to Rita Wilson for over 30 years
Scottish breakfasts
Final action of a snooker frame; TV snooker series
What many people wear on Halloween
File yellow folder icon on Windows computers
Michael who wrote War Horse
Earth, wind, water, and fire are four of these
Death, war, famine and conquest, the Four
Long-extinct woolly prehistoric creatures
Colleague, especially in the US
Animal with long snout that consumes insects
Source of heat for tent occupants
Sections of longer books
Muscle on the chest
A red grape used for making wine, sauvignon
Benedict Arnold was a traitor or this
The organ which secretes insulin and glucagon
Country located immediately north of England
Italian supercar and camera designer, Giorgetto
With a snub, you get a cold one of these
House shoes worn for warmth and comfort
A 1995 teen film starring Alicia Silverstone
Buy, take ownership of
Pine, saxophonist founder of Jazz Warriors

Puzzle 2

Food with an appearance of sugar crystals
Branch of medicine dealing with the nervous system
To decay or become rotten
A machine used to help hatch eggs
Reciprocals of sines
Getaway after a wedding
Photographers used to develop film in these
Alfred the director of Psycho and Vertigo
White on white embroidery, with Norwegian name
Examples include Matterhorn, Kilimanjaro and Fuji
machine, functioning smoothly and efficiently
Horse-showing shows
Pasta typically served with meatballs
The Irish name for the Irish prime minister

Puzzle 3

Official language spoken in the Philippines
Mad shell for a pecan or almond
TV, fly-on-the-wall entertainment
UK chemist Dorothy, penicillin scientist
Lenny played a designer in The Hunger Games
State of enlightenment
The scientific word for a muscle cell
Extremely expensive fungus prized by chefs
What one does to keep a runny nose from running
Any visual medium of expression
1990s handheld, 8-bit gadget by Nintendo
Bangkok road known as a backpackers’ paradise
Warm-blooded animals whose babies drink milk
Having mass appeal
Philippines language that Filipino is based on
Hawkins, aka Hawk jazz saxophonist
Barbie Girl’s life in it’s fantastic!
Sentence a criminal to prison
German city, site of an Allied conference of 1945
Tiny European nation with cattle on flag

Puzzle 4

A title used to address royals: your
The Las Vegas resort known for its fountain
To protect something from harm or destruction
dress, lacy costume worn for Spanish dance
Windows had e.g. 95, 98, NT, and 8.1 of these
sound, enveloping cinema experience
The bread that means slipper in Italian
A female warrior sent to the battlefield by Odin
Animal that comes first in the alphabet
What two roads did in a yellow wood, per Frost
Person from nation north of USA
Close-up photos of criminals’ faces
Altered Carbon and Queen of the South’s Martha
Tables of numbers arranged in rows and columns
Singer Maren Morris finds holy redemption here
Ghostbusters’ Marshmallow Man

Puzzle 5

Nationality of composer Carl Nielsen
Cream of this is often used in a fish condiment
Ralph does it to the Internet in Wreck-It Ralph 2
Casino ; Ian Fleming’s first James Bond novel
Gastropods with shells
Long canvas coat or a fluffy cleaning tool
Food that conforms to Jewish diet regulations
Where the manager and subs sit in a football match
Covered outdoor structure for relaxing in a park
Houses made from blocks of ice
A chain of messages sent as replies to each other
Instead of, e.g. days off of extra days worked
First name of temperature scientist Celsius
Traditional Christmas songs
Skates with one row of wheels for outdoor sports
Restaurant Calle Ocho is translated as Street
Game where players make words from dice
Sneeze on sneeze for danger
Lennon peace lyrics: Everybody’s talkin’ about
The 1,063 foot tall Parisian wrought-iron tower
Order of points to be discussed at a meeting
Muscles in upper arms
in the back, is to be traitorously betrayed
Abnormal drooping of the upper eyelid
1939 Wright novel that has no letter E in it
Ocean whose deepest point is the Sunda Trench
Pieces of one are often cut by a jigsaw
One-masted sailboats