Group 845

Puzzle 1

Issues faced by characters in a storyline
War poem by John McCrae: In Fields
Ben former US Federal Reserve chair
What a DJ is doing with their records
What doctors are doing to patients in hospitals
A strainer for draining pasta or rinsing food
Automobile-based vacation
Andean cat; feline from South American uplands
Ocean invertebrate that can grow on whales
David Livingstone 1855 discovery: Fallas
Set of spiritual beliefs
A global multi-sports event held every 4 years
Former Roman temple built under Augustus’ rule
Public warning given by a government official
Buddy Pine’s alter ego in The Incredibles
A condition causing the yellowing of the skin
Back workout of bending down to grab a barbell
Video game company behind World of Warcraft
Month when Americans celebrate Thanksgiving Day
and the Machine band; an Italian city
Deceptive nonsense to trick or cheat
Having to do with funny stories with punchlines
Galen of dubbed the Father of Medicine
Black carbon from burnt wood used to draw
Berlin opera company based near Unter den Linden
Beastie Boys song that saves the day in Star Trek

Puzzle 2

The brain lobe responsible for visual processing
You’re fine if the top stops spinning in this film
Movie subtitled The Legend of Ron Burgundy
Actress from La La Land, Easy A and Zombieland
Never-ending, like mythological motion machines
Animal emblem on Berlin coat of arms
Mongol conqueror featured in Marlowe’s drama
Piles of farm food painted by Claude Monet
Jacket parts ridden when using another’s success
Central American country between Mexico, Honduras
Three-leaved clover sprigs
Mellow Italian cheese originating near Vesuvius

Puzzle 3

First name of musician Santana
French museum that opened in 1793
del Fuego, far-flung archipelago with penguins
Tony Curtis to Jamie Lee, or Billy Ray to Miley
Oscar the green puppet on Sesame Street
Cheek depression
Regret your sins
Mexican dish cooked in leaves
My Name is Mud rock band
Climbing device used to access a roof
Like the equinox in Spring
A condition caused by a vitamin C deficiency
& Me; comedy drama tale about a family dog
Pilots store planes here
Short shot of espresso served with lemon slice
Slang for detective
Colourful canine enters urban gardens at night

Puzzle 4

Winner of the Battle of Bosworth: House of
People between the left wing and the right wing
English psychedelic rock band led by Roger Waters
Dramatic speech where actors speak to themselves
When snow and ice rapidly fall down a mountain
Mary Poppins would recommend these full of sugar
Straining bowls
The home of Germany’s stock market
Game where a shuttlecock is passed between rackets
Whooping cough, bacterial respiratory illness
Video game characters Sonic and Shadow are these
Straining bowls used to drain pasta water
Leaving on a flight or train journey
The Dutch painter who created The Night Watch
Drive, the 4W in 4WD
Construction site machine that flattens buildings
the dyer’s son, character from Happy Families
An artist’s collection of work for presentation
National Cemetery, military site for the fallen
2009 Leah Andreone album
Second-in-command in a mafia group
silence; keeping quiet to raise funds
Birds like The Lion King’s Zazu
Decorative crystal brand with swan logo
The Greek princess who married Perseus
A piece of space rock that has fallen to Earth
The last word in many bedtime stories

Puzzle 5

Knee cap
Unspoken hostility between people
2006 play by Yasmina Reza: God of
of the Lost Ark
St, Moscow, medieval street with many churches
Bitter orange Italian drink brand
Former currency: Surinamese or Dutch
Athletic DC Comics scarlet superhero
Another name for the Netherlands
Freshwater carnivorous fish with sharp teeth
Genetic material of organisms
Quaint establishment in which to take a cuppa
Long smoky pork sausage from Poland
Rock band once led by Kurt Cobain
Someone who lifts heavy weights, body
The Scottish scientist who discovered penicillin