Group 844

Puzzle 1

Long-grained rice popular in Indian cuisine
Roads for planes
Chef who invented Caesar salad: Caesar
Layer hair with a razor, like a bird’s plumage
South American nation with government in La Paz
All ; jukebox musical featuring Elvis hits
David 70s Partridge Family heartthrob
Texan senator/2016 Rep. presidential nomination
Famous American escape artist of 20th century
Stone, Irish wall bestowing gift of eloquence
Island where the resort of Magaluf is located
Scientific study of the structure of the body
Old manuscripts in the form of books
Bright, shining, luminous
Motorcycle from bikers in 1950’s California
He led the Spanish conquest of Peru
Philistine fighter defeated by shepherd David
Hall, Sunday Times crossword editor till 2010
Mount where Greek gods live
The Brave Little 80s animated kids’ film
1926 Preakness Stakes winner
Lightweight hooded rain jacket, packed into a bag

Puzzle 2

Sisters, authors of Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre
A sea anchor or a small parachute for planes
Heroine of the 1979 film Alien, Sigourney
Andy voiced Capt Haddock in the Tintin movie
Hurry, rush, speed up
Blue ; illuminated underwater caves in Capri
Statue with human head, lion body, eagle wings
Opposites of liabilities
Blue Monster on Sesame Street who loves eating
Devices such as a monitor, speakers, etc
Native spiritual guide that works with energies
Medical stitch to close a laceration
Exceedingly talented in one particular area
What butterflies emerge from
Mirror and cabinet combination in a bathroom
Art movement pioneered by Picasso
Refined evening do at home
You ride in a car, but you don’t drive them
Backspace on a Mac keyboard
A king’s or a vast amount of money
Martin starred in Space: 1999
Scottish author who was Canada’s governor general
Texan city, probable home of margarita cocktails
Spicy condiment often served with sushi
Operation military deployment to NI 1969-2007
Unit of angular measure, roughly 57.3 degrees
Occurs when your shin and calf muscles strain
Rectangular game piece knocked over in lines
Word before media, studies, security, distancing

Puzzle 3

Mark that shows the level of a river
Jaws and Jurassic Park director
She falls in love with Edward Cullen
Companies put their logo on everything to do this
Youth-restoring surgeries that lift features
Outermost protective layer of the skin
Forges, like evidence
The chemical element with symbol Mg
markets, festive Yuletide fairs in Europe
The residence of monks
Jerusalem: The of the Great Albion by Blake
The operational style and design of a website
Sky Sports pundit Jamie, ex-Liverpool footballer
The first sheet inside most picture books
Good manners, how to behave in public
Frank Sinatra broke hearts with these eyes
Luke Skywalker joined one in Star Wars
Nothing ; green Customs exit at airports
The spotted dog breed Cruella de Vil wanted
Arrange with a plan or system in mind
Video game set in alternate DC Comics universe

Puzzle 4

City in Spain; type of orange that is sweeter
A composed musical piece for a full orchestra
Medical practice of the feet and lower limbs
From the city of gondolas
Egyptian bucketed waterwheels
Most visited town in the Blue Mountains
Photo ID required for international travel
Reveal, e.g. a plot twist or a film’s ending
Purple Nintendo console released in 2001
Ancient astronomer and Timurid sultan
The largest land mammal in the world
bees, super-pollinators, better than honey bees
The decade of dial-up, Seinfeld and a cloned sheep
Protagonist in Bewitched, married to Darrin
Gorilla voiced by Rami Malek in Dolittle
Person who talks up a show to attract people
Keyboard function for WRITING LIKE THIS
Traditional stories, art forms of other cultures
Corncrake, Eurasian short-billed rail bird

Puzzle 5

Tube with mirrors used to see from submarines
Fan, champion of a cause
Truth, abolitionist, Ain’t I a Woman? speaker
Another name for an integrated circuit
A dog breed: terrier or an English county
Triangle with two sides of equal length
Politician who advocates fighting other countries
Keane hit the charts with Only We Know
Tiny piece in a phone so people can use internet
Actress, name sounds like a bottled water brand
Novelty aquarium pet that hatches from an egg
Aliens often leave signs in the
What is below this clue
A lifestyle noted by little physical activity
Brokers buy and sell stock in them
Well, that quickly
Louisiana dish made with rice, sausage, more
The personification of ice, snow and winter