Group 843

Puzzle 1

Deriding, making fun of
Holds lollipops to guide a pilot when taxiing
Distance covered in imperial units
Garment worn when deep sea diving
Roche, mother of Princess Diana
Epileptic fit
Blue planet named like a god of the sea
The Xbox is this type of system
Its capital is Reykjavik
A user of Twitter
Brightly flashing lights for studio photography
African American cultural festival in December
TV’s star-performing dolphin
Mafia gang member
It’s easier to settle these when there’s a will
Zig-zag pattern often found on floors, walls
It’s cats and dogs!
Noah who was a dictionary editor
Young green soybeans found at sushi restaurants
F1 venue
Movie franchise, The Fast and the
Peter, Paul and Mary are doing this on a jet plane
Bird that bursts into flames before being reborn
Person who bargains on price

Puzzle 2

All is not Lost if you find this place
Corporate gatherings or forums to relay news
The apple Steve Jobs named the computers after
Squid served as a food dish
Political movement of early Victorian Britain
The stop in the flow of oxygen, causing injury
This franchise’s Original series aired in 1966
Male lead singer of a band
Disney child actor also known as Moochie, Kevin
The space dance move made popular in the 80s
Chemical used in water to strengthen teeth
Glittering nickname of Berlin Victory Column
Style of government often led by a president
Sans-serif typeface by a famous English sculptor
Italian island, due south of Corsica
What books are doing as they give knowledge
Carried out by organized criminals
Instructing, educating

Puzzle 3

Surname of Allen, star of Grandma’s Boy
Therapy carried out with horses
Death notice author
Drink packed with caffeine; cup of joe
Fabric that burping cloths are often made from
Long-established Copenhagen pleasure gardens
Comic US entertainment charity
Open shelter at beach or pool
Votes in a politician
Cupcake-like baked good
Blondie’s hit song released in 1978
Quidditch player whose role is catching the snitch
Chemical element number 2, used to fill balloons
Julia is Nicky Parsons in the Bourne films
T-Bone blues guitarist famed for Stormy Monday
What an actor rehearses before accepting an award
Museo ; Piazza San Marco art and history museum
and Herzegovina, state born from old Yugoslavia
The maternity wards look after them

Puzzle 4

He is the Piano Man
Joseph Pope Benedict XVI
Fracture in the ground after an earthquake
People often get cakes to celebrate these
The dome-shaped muscle involved in respiration
Monarch, supposed writer of Greensleeves
Maisie Williams’ character in Game of Thrones
Dangerous, like nuclear waste
Retail spot you don’t want to let a bull into
This city’s airport named for Canada’s PM in 1960
Spiky round animal that lives in the ocean
Place where museum visitors can leave their coats
To pull a joint out of its socket, causing injury
These folks are always right, apparently

Puzzle 5

Billie and Willie: actor and Tory MP respectively
Police label for an old and unsolved crime
Tranquil, calm
Known for his theory of relativity
A condition caused by a vitamin B-1 deficiency
The deadly sin involving food or eating
Coastal city in Georgia, USA, also a girl’s name
A file saved from the internet
The blockage of an artery obstructing blood flow
Document necessary for international travel
Partner to Beavis in cult 90’s cartoon show
A creature from Harry Potter that sucks away joy
Debaucheries, profanities
Green leafy veg like cabbages and kale
Thin tissue that connects animal or plant cells
Twelve men who followed Jesus
High-value poker token or company on stock market
the mark; say too much, speak out of turn
Pissarro painted Landscape at
A bright yellow spice containing curcumin
Kiss Me by None the Richer
Person whose broken the law; 1996 Fiona Apple song