Group 842

Puzzle 1

Procurement and distribution of goods
Said to someone about to embark on a trip
Pen that rolls ink around a metal sphere
Paris Hilton, Amanda Hearst, and Ally Hilfiger
Gang lord, head of a mafia family
Bodily system with adrenal and thyroid glands
Uneven value that cannot be divided by 2
Basics needed to know how to play an RPG
What one might feel seeing their old picture books
Layered cake custard mixes suffixed by Russes
Looking around a new location
Bell tower of St Mark’s Basilica in Venice
Painting using melted wax mixed with pigments
Kool & the Gang say it’s all right to do this
Reference book of synonyms
Star Wars planet covered in Galactic City
The legumes also known as chickpeas
Medical procedure for men who don’t want children
Not at the proper time; jumped the queue

Puzzle 2

78% of Earth’s atmosphere is made of this gas
Staying nights at school as well as days
Author known for his Mars Trilogy, Kim Stanley
Jeremiah was this animal in Three Dog Night’s hit
Adds information to written words
Person who buys something from a shop
Frozen chunks used to chill drinks
Dried, smoked jalapeño pepper
Castrated male sopranos or altos
Guests, people who come to stay
This hormone is released when people snuggle up
All that is not gold, looks can be misleading
Where prunes started life
Archaic word for foodstuffs
Star of the 1960 film Breathless: Jean-Paul
Internet locations made up of linked pages
Cramming, packing in a lot of people
Mr. Cooper, CNN anchor, son of Gloria Vanderbilt
Female noble married to an earl
Thick crepes with lemon and sugar adornment
Surname of Lucy, Edmund, Susan and Peter
Major prize awarded for international architecture

Puzzle 3

Takes clothes out of a suitcase
Old school collection of songs made as a gift
Click- rates, or CTR, a measure of website usage
Doggie supervision for canines while you work
Princess Buttercup’s true love
Alba, Simpson, or Chastain
Arcade game with flippers and high scores
Comic action hero of the Interplanet Space Fleet
Spice said to be world’s most expensive
The taking away of something, e.g. house clearance
Iconic yellow Pokémon
Maggie in The Moon on the Floss, by George Eliot
French tourist resort with a Picasso gallery
Bourbon spirit
Could be the mean, median or modal value
Portuguese light sailing ship of Columbus’s era
Weekly 5k run in a green space

Puzzle 4

MC Hammer has a mind to rhyme and two of these
The first soft drink consumed in outer space
Natives of France’s capital city
An image produced by an ultrasound
Twirled paper decoration hung across a ceiling
George Lucas’ franchise with Yoda, R2-D2 and Leia
Health abnormality, e.g. metabolic or genetic
Sikh Michelin-starred chef from Nottingham
The source of hereditary traits
ground; hotbed, forcing house
Canvas shelter used in luxury glamping resorts
Part of phone number that suggests location
Sam Gamgee spoke fondly of them
Common nickname for US marines
Vegetable faces Italian painter Arcimboldo
Communist Walter, who led Berlin Wall construction
Point or moment in time
Stimulant in coffee to be avoided at bedtime
ID document that allows international travel

Puzzle 5

How blood gets from the heart to the body
Building, novelty-looking place for groceries
Examples include the heart, lungs and stomach
The hilltop Castle, a Japanese World Heritage Site
Autobiography penned by a celebrity or ghostwriter
To be extremely cautious about saving money
Space missions named after the Greek god of music
Coca-Cola’s competitor to 7 Up
Curtis Armstrong role in Revenge of the Nerds
Places where lawyers and judges spend their time
Prickly plant associated with the desert
Spanish word for nap after lunch
Corned beef and cheese sandwich served on rye
Dutch satnav brand with GO and One models
ships visit the Antarctica
The month before Christmas in Christianity