Group 841

Puzzle 1

Name shared by actors Aniston, Lawrence, Lopez
An autoimmune condition resulting in hair loss
The Palm; Dubai hotel based on mythical city
Friedrich wrote Ode to Joy and William Tell
The J.M Barrie character who never grew up
Irish ring with hand design, represents love
Giant plates that form the Earth’s crust
Society where physical coins or notes are not used
Small metal or porcelain thumb protectors
Swiss tennis pro Stan won Olympic gold in 2008
Video game company that created Mario & Luigi
Quality of a mythical creature who can never die
Clicking needles together to make a scarf
The amount of light that gets to a piece of film

Puzzle 2

Subtitle of 2009’s Terminator movie
Good luck wish before an actor takes to the stage
Breakfast food of shredded, grilled potato cakes
Given undeserved rave reviews
This machine helps spot deception
Ancient Greek temple dedicated to goddess Athena
Tuneful musical show with audience participation
Where Santa Claus lives
Another name for stomach pain
Saints, movement founded by Joseph Smith

Puzzle 3

Detroit rap artist with a film called 8 mile
Code language for computers written in 0s and 1s
Tech company founded by Larry Ellison
Artistic dance associated with slippers, tutus
Able to speak a foreign language like a native
Korean dish consisting of fermented vegetables
Award given to championship teams
Large span of grassland used for grazing livestock
F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 1925 novel, The Great
Planet with rings next to Jupiter

Puzzle 4

The common name for thrombocyte
Type of monk who meditates
Austrian composer Franz wrote Ave Maria
This Alaskan dog was bred for hauling freight
Document that allows entry into other countries
Eyes ; drama film with elaborate Venetian masks
Blue Mountains on the western boundary of Eriador
A boxer who is not good at taking it on the chin
The natural sugar present in fruits
To zip a large file to send to someone easily
Crime drama with a mobster named Tony, The
Common allergy caused by pollen
Dangerous snakes are often this
Variety of desserts with dough, cream, and fruit

Puzzle 5

Dance troupe of working dancers
Important pads of tissue at the back of the throat
Organelle containing a cell’s chromosomes
Hanna-Barbera’s Magilla is this type of animal
Power pack for feeding juice to electronics
The island where Usain Bolt and Shaggy are from
Jack Sparrow’s handheld naviagtion device
Thick seafood soupy stew
Stumble over your words in a speech
Mass punishment on society by a vengeful god
of the Opera play based on the French novel
Concerto; Beethoven’s work for Archduke Rudolf