Group 101

Puzzle 1

Millennium __, Han Solo’s ship in Star Wars

Known by many people for something

Type of car used in funerals

Type of loose fitting men’s underwear

Child of your aunt or uncle

Someone who rents land, house, office

Two-toed mammals guilty of a deadly sin

State of being angry

This computer key allows you to erase mistakes

Traditional Australian soda bread

Van Gogh painted The __ Eaters

Sung at Christmastide

Puzzle 2

Cannon with short barrel intended for siege warfare

Fast car designed for a type of race

Roster, timetable

Natalie __, leader of 10,000 Maniacs

Driving above the limit

The person in charge of a gaming table

Someone who makes it out alive

Worth a lot of money

Fear of __ in public is glossophobia

Greek Gods and Goddesses eat this

American weekly magazine on current events

Puzzle 3

Country in N. Europe by the Baltic Sea

Wood or ethanol, derived from biomass

Military troop that serves on horses

It covers a multitude of sins

Greek creature part woman and part snake

General pardon for political offenses

In Nature, only the __ survive

Hanging piece of cloth used to cover the window

Eternal, lasting forever

Winning big prize in bingo, casino slot machine

Flavorless food that makes up jello

Michael __, won an Oscar for Wall Street

__ turtles have tiny yellow round spots

Organ __ is the shut down of essential organs

To make free from blame or guilt or consequence

Small, circular brown spot on fair skin

Puzzle 4

Someone who keeps official records

The Nazi air force during WWII

Japanese utility knife

Managua is the capital of __

To work the land to grow crops

Adding flavors using spices

Car piloted by the Dark Knight in the comics

Modern Korean martial art similar to karate

__ Airplane, known for the hit White Rabbit

Puzzle 5

German luxury brand of your superior

First public performance

Created the first cell phone in 1973

Pass that allows you to enter the plane

Invertebrates including snails, slugs and mussels

__ and gravy

Having a very bad reputation

Severe snowfall

A long fork is used in this type of meat cooking

Germany’s largest battleship during WWII

Collection of foot soldiers in an army

Rio de Janeiro tourist attraction

American actor and political activist

A left-handed boxer

Pertaining to the written word

__ acid, more commonly known as vitamin C

__ Watch, captain-commissioned Rembrandt

Group 102

Puzzle 1


Faye __, star of Chinatown

Area not very high above the sea level

Portuguese soccer club from Lisbon

Walked down the aisle

Copenhagen is the capital of __

Place where beer is made

Feeling of regret or guilt

Index term used to find information on Internet

Batten down the __, for severe weather

Ancient Japanese military nobility, swordsmen

Antonym of static

Creature which is part lion and part eagle

Long-legged lynx-like cat with tufted pointed ears

Puzzle 2

Residence of a king or queen

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and __

__ Acar, Turkish artist

Military __, Olympics precursor to biathlon

Make sacred by applying oil in a ceremony

Regardless, in any case, nonetheless

Damage of any kind to the body

Insect with large pincers, found in all continents

__ Woman and her golden lasso

Underground passage for driving

Babysitter from a different country

Guard on a car used to protect the front or rear

Star system with two stars orbiting each other

Label given to gritty 90’s Seattle music

Yearly, occurring once a year only

Spongy scrubber used to clean your body

NYC’s largest borough

Puzzle 3

Skiing event includes aerials, moguls, halfpipe

Medic emergency vehicle


German model who was married to the singer Seal

Lady __, holiday of Virgin Mary in Mexico

French sauce made with butter, eggs and herbs

The executioner of yore

Madama __, opera by Giacomo Puccini

Outer space rock litter

World’s only island city state

Rebecca’s home in Du Maurier’s 1938 novel

Puzzle 4

Large cat known for its speed and spots

Tbilisi is the capital of

Village and civil parish in Cambridgeshire, England

Always the best policy

Being against the law

Air flowing through or past a car, plane

Get Hard actor Will __

Spice in the mint family, used in Italian cooking

To obtain

TV series based on previous series

Puzzle 5

Dave __ Band, album Crash owned the 90s

Classification of any field of knowledge

The __ is the model for Chinese Foo dogs

__ Japanese Army, World War II Asian force

Take time by the __

Detroit car brand started by GM

Free from mistakes, able to be __ in reporting

In-and-out movement of a threaded needle in sewing

Mountain __ involves moving up to high places

A place where goods are displayed for sale

Capital of Saint Pierre and Miquelon

To divide foods, set aside for later

Stanford professor known for prison experiment

Group 103

Puzzle 1

Abbreviated form of a TV comedy

Disney hit about tundra and sister’s love

Practice what you __

Rumoured to guard the gates of Thebes

Bird with deep forked tail, long pointed wings

Bacteria are -celled microorganisms

Soft item used to clean dishes

Biblical beings, usually depicted with wings

Snow huts, snow houses

To aim for a goal, ambition

Origin of something, starting place

French soup usually made with tomato and seafood

Asian river passing through India and Pakistan

A place of history, art and more

Puzzle 2

Dark, solid substance used for roads, pathways

What the rotten apple does to its neighbours

His long hair was his doom

Erosion is the eating away of a __ or area

__ on 34th Street, movie with Santa Claus

Dardel, __ post-impressionist painter

It is used for pain and to prevent blood clots

Gloria __, Miami Sound Machine, Cuban beat

Red, Green, and Yellow bell __

Strolling vendor with food or souvenirs in circus

Puzzle 3

Leaving an airport, setting off for a destination

Port Louis is the capital of

Illumination found in front of a car

A due date is an __ date for a baby’s birth

Bat these little hairs when you like someone

Another name usually used by authors

Beef or pork tips, usually the ends of ribs

Jane __, 30 Rock, Pixels actress

Sword __, circus act that’s hard to stomach

__ Order, presidential decree, law without Congress

Puzzle 4

Another term for a broken bone

Hasbro game of plastic donkey

Opposite of positive

What makes things perfect

__ headache happens when eating frozen things

2015 Chris Hemsworth, John Ortiz movie

Tiny Iberian nation once had a large empire

__ Razor, foldable razor used for men’s shaving

Car safety device goes across chest, waist

The precipitous front of a tide-water glacier

Boundaries in a sports field or court

Puzzle 5

Freytag’s __, dramatic structure for films, plays

__ cheese and tomato soup

Armament is the ship’s __

It precedes jazz

Shallow-draft boat, used in swamps

Anion is a negatively __ ion

Pay received from retrospective date

To watch something doing something

Italian Baroque painter of battle scenes

Region in central Italy, L’Aquila is its capital

Truth in Latin

Meat coated with crumbs and fried

Group 104

Puzzle 1

John __, former American tennis player

Something that hurts

The capital of Guam

One of the planets of the Solar System

Distribution __, path from vendor to consumer

Recurring phrase or verse in a poem

Place lined with trees, shaded

Meat from ground pork or beef, formed in a casing

Alcohol used in fuel

Item placed on the floor to reduce slipping

__ King, American author of horror, 54 novels

Puzzle 2

__ Fire, just as dangerous as enemy’s intent

Antechamber, typically serving as a waiting room

Enlargement of a body part from fluid

Snowboarding is done with a board __ to your feet

French writer attacked the Catholic Church

Long coat which extends below the knee

Submissive, satisfied, docile

First operational nuclear-powered submarine

Part of brain controls vision, hearing, and more

Angler __, or flounder, has eyes on one side

Extracting food flavors using solvents

Someone who performs illusions for a crowd

Decorating something with stripes

Puzzle 3

__ Lock, secures car from a distance

Utterly illogical, untrue, senseless, laughable

Small round hills

Psychological thriller based on a S. King’s novel

Recommendation as a guide for action

South American rodent related to guinea pigs

Known by the Egyptians as the city of Waset

Heat glass to take out internal stresses

Goldie Hawn daughter, actress Kate __

Impact spot on a planet, usually a circle

Puzzle 4


The study of winds

Fall in prices of goods and services

Fargo actress and Joel Coen wife, Frances __

Ship that brought the first pilgrims to America

A type of mudrock

Strong feelings of hostility towards someone

Monk of the “Yellow Hat” school

Corn tortilla dish originating in Mexico

Skin damage due to prolonged exposure to the cold

British psychedelic rock band

Profession associated with books

Lemurs are __ primates from Madagascar

Uranus and Neptune are both __

East London district within the Newham Borough

Puzzle 5

Goats found in the Pyrenees

Boy __, org. to teach young men life skills

Caffeinated drink lots of people can’t go without

__ cars, economical microcars produced in the 60s

Saying you’ll do something in the future

Largest South American country

Moon with the lowest density in the Solar System

The -Minded Professor is the first Flubber movie

Material stretched over wood for paintings

__ Earhart, famous female aviator

Group 105

Puzzle 1

Language of Jesus, ancient Semitic language

__ Zod, Krypton warlord and Superman enemy

Floating __, poached egg whites and sugar dessert

Mass of tissue on both sides of your throat

Grooves on the side of bowling lanes

Housing for gears

Kiev is the capital of __

Someone who opposes a new legislation or change

Charlie Sheen’s real surname

Utensil with a flat end for spreading foods

This medicine will at least make you feel good

Puzzle 2

Bailer is a device for __ water in the boat

Large walk-through area with mirrors in carnivals

__ Earth, battle strategy used by the Russians

Quality should be over it

Type of castles on high ground

Force applied over an area of an object

This __ actor, Jonah Hill

Southern tip of South America

Illegal pitch in baseball, ball is lubed

Insects known for their chirping

__ line, series of factory workers and products

Chefs hate it when steaks are ordered like this

American singer who has a distinguished voice

Treated or spoken to insolently

Miming game; “two words, a movie”

Puzzle 3

Resembling an apparition, characteristics of one

Activity, flying object with no motor, Hang __

Emperor __, largest species and most unique

Writer famous for the creation of Narnia

Philip __, a member of the Stuckists group


A chemical element and a song by Nirvana

Brazilian beach that inspired song about girl

Athlete’s workplace

Box that is sent through the mail

Puzzle 4

Lecherous, lubricious

Shot with medicine inside

Decay in morals

Can keep insects, animals and water at distance

Someone who practices any type of science

To draft for a military service

Kid’s science toy with moving axis

Large axe used in combat

They will happen

A kind of foster mother for seven short men

Puzzle 5

Very short cannon, throws high angle shells

Small restaurant, place where food is served

National Hockey Stadium in major Pakistani city

Protrusion of tissue through its surrounding walls

Type of stairs invented in 480 BC Sicily

Hairy covering of a mammal

Original high school musical with Danny and Sandy

The prophet in the lion’s den

Desire to purchase a product by the public

A tower with batty bats

__ Watchers, most famous diet program

Capital of Russia

Band that wrote song about lodging in California

Milky __, cloudy common crystal structure

Group 106

Puzzle 1

Digital Voice __, used by journalists, students

Female demon slept with unconscious men

Dirty Harry’s Irish surname

__ spree, the urge to buy anything you want

To jut out

Place for practicing on hobbies

Long coat made from waterproof fabric

Baggywrinkle is a __ for cables to stop chafing

Cyclophobia is the fear of __

Vulnerable part of infant skull aka fontanelle

Puzzle 2

Cables reaching from the stern to mast heads

Always lagging behind

America Ferrera show from Colombian telenovela

Building with bunk beds, sleeping quarters

Jafar is Aladdin’s __, villain in Disney movie

__ Devil, carnivorous Australian marsupial

Jamaican religion associated with long dreds

Long thin ribbons of paper for celebrating

The date a person is born

The capital of Pitcairn Islands

Cher’s former partner in life and music

This vegetable makes urine smelly

Puzzle 3

Matching pullover and cardigan worn together

Four periods of yearly weather changes

Practices to keep your teeth healthy

Nemesis of Dalmatians everywhere

A room where young children can play

To feel embarrassed about something

__ sour, hard liquor mixed with lemon juice

__ clingfish live on sea urchins

Street where the British Prime Minister lives

Automobile, car, truck, bus, SUV

__ Beam, one of the Olympic gymnastic events

Royal teacher in Burmese Buddhism

Puzzle 4

Major language of Middle East and North Africa

Saltwater clam, valued for its meat and pearls

Group of cells that produce something, sweat

Large marine mammal, Arctic waters, huge tusks

Burns __, Scottish verse form

Highly-magnetized rotating neutron star

“Skin” remover for fishermen

Largest division of a state in the US

Four engine was invented in 1876

Space __, David Bowie song

Most charming art nouveau tower

Country known for the Mayan Pyramids

Puzzle 5

__ Dolls represent Native American spirits

Edward __hands, character played by Johnny Depp

Paris Saint __, French team known by abbreviation

Strong smelling gas, nitrogen and hydrogen

Another name for an oven or a furnace

Device in a car used to start the engine

Cherrylike fruit source of vitamin C

Dan Conner on Roseanne, John __

Pitch variation in speech

Elastic fabric that “expands”

Group 107

Puzzle 1

Multiple __, disease of the brain, spinal cord

Someone you do combat against

Another name for Swiss Roll

Brit middle distance runner at his peak in the 80s

__ snake eel looks like a snake and has no fins

Antony and __, a Shakespeare’s tragedy

Accessible, obtainable

A very short skirt

Asian nation known for its tough stance on drugs

Skills, aptitudes

Puzzle 2

Someone who draws cartoons

Diseases that affect the tissues around teeth

Rene __ painted Golconda

The Great __, Chaplin’s satire of Hitler

The strongest tendon in the body

Top part of a seat, behind the head

English punk rock band led by Joe Strummer

Clothing accessory worn around the skull

Life is not all beer and __

Non-partisan, even-handed

Puzzle 3

Poland’s longest and largest river

Right answer, not wrong

Food, beverage decoration

Flying reindeer with crimson colored nose

Person who confirms and certifies a death

Repeat of a song in a play

A major throwing sport and leisure activity

Huge US oil company merged with Texaco

Dan Castellaneta voices Homer __

Calcium __, aka Norwegian saltpeter

Female spirit of death in Irish mythology

Musical drama starring Minnelli as Sally Bowles

To leave something out

Unit of two or more squads

Small ceramic bowl used for cooking and serving

Large waterbird with a long bill and throat

Intentional, harmful or offensive contact

Group of travelers journeying together

Puzzle 4

Close quarters, military knife

Something added, attached to another

A sort of word blindness

Player who distributes cards in a game

Muddy __, father of modern Chicago blues

Eddie __, Donkey, Beverley Hills cop

As a rule, drunk at Christmas time

Wild cat, chic, sporty roadster

Noble born who is trained to fight

DreamWorks Chicken Run starred Mel __

Puzzle 5

Volkswagen bug, not British rock band

Items worn on the hands with places for fingers

Letters, numbers representing traded company

Someone who leads

To look at something with pleasure, approval

Strip of cloth wrapped around a gift

Hopper painted Girl at __ Machine

666 Park __, TV show about a haunted building

__, fantasy creature, flies and breathes out fire

Tommy __, Pesci’s character in Goodfellas

Capital of Central African Republic

Group 108

Puzzle 1

To get troops together for battle, inspection, etc

Can you tell me how to get to __ Street?

Cat bred from the Burmese cat, smaller

Instability in an area, leading to a drastic change

Meryl __, actress

Type of cereal, corn __

Half organic, half mechatronic being

God of the underworld for Egyptians

Overseas, in a different country

Act of flying, trip on an airplane

Puzzle 2

Called a hui in New Zealand

Soft layer of a bed

Cooked land snails popular in Western Europe

Popular conifer used for Christmas decoration

Equipment and items used for a specific purpose

William __ was the 1st President to die in office

An item leaving an office, __ mail

Minke whale are the second __ whales

Winner of a contest, event, race

Five-lined stanza

Puzzle 3

Preposterous, laughable

Varieties of spinel named after Sri Lanka

Cocktail named after an island

Separator used to make cubicles in office

Signal __, aka Westfalenstadion, in Dortmund

60s TV show about a modern housewife witch

Cord connecting fetus to placenta

The first meal of the day

Child’s toy first used as a wall cleaner

A type of aquatic flower found in lakes or ponds

Foreign contract workers

Cud-chewing animals

Study of the planets and the universe

Syndrome that can affect kidnapped people

Not high heels, comfortable female footwear

People living in underwater homes

In a certain way the longest month

Doubt is not the end of wisdom, but the __

A __ Named Desire, movie with Marlon Brando

Social system of medieval Europe, serfs

Female Wiccan role, can develop into “high”

The first O in COO

Music and arts festival in California

Puzzle 4

The __ cat is known for its hairless skin

Achy __ Heart, Billy Ray’s one hit wonder

“Sibling” relationship between cities, __ City

Charm of African origin

When something is attractive, it has __

Muscles in the upper arm, bulge when bent

This noble gas keeps balloons afloat

Mila Kunis, actress, __ on That 70’s Show

Building holding those who break the law

Boneless cut of fish or meat

Container used to haul drinks and keep them chilled

Lightweight, loose fitting shirt for women

If you have children you are a __

Literal Greek meaning of coccyx

Puzzle 5

Arabian __ bream have a jerky movement

Something that can be healed

Saint celebrated on July 15, rain or shine

Another name for mandible

The Grass is __, movie with Cary Grant

Study of the human bodies by examining them

Device used to transfer images into a computer

Famous sugary doughnut treats from New Orleans

Large sailing vessel, merchants and soldiers

Group 109

Puzzle 1

The most venerated saint in Ireland

Slaughterhouse staple, looks like hatchet

Lively tempo in music

Moves to a lower rank

Someone in charge of a museum, collection

Tolerated, suffered, felt

To be filled with satisfaction about something

Promised to be married

Asian bread flavored with saffron

__ Princip, Yugoslav who murdered an archduke

Bird known for its huge, beautiful tail displays

Chairs with a tune, never enough for all

Won the 57th Academy Awards for Best Movie

Pertaining to or involving atomic weapons

Hell’s __, Gordon Ramsay’s inferno reality show

Puzzle 2

Mark Hamill plays Luke __ in the Star Wars films

Climate phenomenon can be category 1 to 5

Having to do with bacteria

George Westinghouse invented it in 1868

Substance formulated to prevent sunburn

New Zealand’s largest body of water

Usually worn for golf-playing

Cool, refreshing flavor used in gums and candies

One of the longest one-syllable words in English

Longfin __ is native to Australia

Legend, tradition, folklore

Puzzle 3

Pleasant gust of air

Small red fruit, also used as flavoring

Sani __, Nigerian strongman leader of the 1990s

White, 8 Mile rapper discovered by Dr. Dre

The preserver and protector in Hinduism

Type of dog breed, known for plush coat, Lassie

Susanna __, famous for Jonathan Strange novel

Convertible motorcar

Eye doctors __ eyes to make pupils bigger

Your body’s lack of a normal response to antigens

Next to Kenya, Congo, and South Sudan

Puzzle 4

Mrs __ is the very pineapple of politeness

Emergency stopping lane on the roadside

David __, known for his book Cloud Atlas

Someone you work with, colleague

__ and Broomsticks is a 1971 Disney film

Patrick __, writer of the Kingkiller Chronicle

Item to protect you from rain

Loose __, main idea with modifying clauses

Quasimodo’s whale

Computer programs distributed without charge

Divine inspiration

The Righteous __, 60s hit was later in a movie

Carbohydrates mainly come from __ and fiber

Mixing two colors or pigments together softly

The Da Vinci Code author was once a pop singer

Cheesy beach drama starring Pamela Anderson

Puzzle 5

Famous Gaul that resists Roman invasions

__ seizure is a staring spell type of seizure

Inflatable bags in cars for safety

Riding a wave

Banded scat is silver and black __

Slang for paper money in the circus

Winter accessories protect the neck

French contemporary of Pablo Picasso

House of Cards, __ original series

Last man on the band

A plug used to seal the neck of a bottle

Group 110

Puzzle 1

Volver, Vanilla Sky, and Blow actress, __Cruz

Nurse shark is a bottom __ shark

The Jeep __ is a well known SUV model

Skeet __ , an Olympic event

Group of people belonging to the noble class

Someone who resides in a place, hospital

A physical desire, especially for food

UN General __

Wake of vapour left by a fast plane in flight

First year of high school or college

Puzzle 2

Formal word for illness, discomfort

To untie the mooring lines of a boat

Glassware, items used in a bar

Paraguay and __ are landlocked in S. America

__ cats are a cross of hairless breeds

Testosterone is the main male __

It goes __ saying

Spider-Man’s eight-armed enemy, Doctor __

Manet painted The __ Singer

Scrooge, in fact, was his creation

Google’s robotic mobile operating system

Language similar to Latin in terms of vocabulary

Brand name bandages

To walk or strut with defiant air

Puzzle 3

Only major tennis tournament played on grass

Elon Musk’s high speed tube transportation

Conscientious __ refuse to bear arms in military

Piece of cloth used to dry fingers and palms

American Megafauna is a board game on __

List of activities and the times they’ll be done

Hay fever is another name for seasonal __

Someone who cuts and polishes gemstones

Science of rainfall

It can modify a wine or a leader

Mothership in Nolan’s Interstellar

Ground beef stew common in Latin America

Puzzle 4

The main ore of iron

Rings around the ankles or wrists joined by chains

Severe loss of intellectual abilities

Zoroastrian cleric aka mobad

Its storming is celebrated on July 14th

Antonio __, Spanish actor

PDF: __ Document Format

A penny for your __

Green liquor made from wormwood

It glues and holds two surfaces together

Large lake between Bolivia and Peru

Number of holes in a full-length golf-course

Puzzle 5

Charles Vane’s brigantine

Pet __, Beach Boy’s psychedelic effort

Someone who authors

To become visible, come into sight

Small, humanoid creatures that live underground

__ Price, major toy brand a subsidiary of Mattel

Oceans were formed in this period

Five __ of Grief, aka Kubler Ross Model

Gulf __, current tied to the climate in Europe

Small candy covered with chocolate

Computer key allows you to switch between modes

Save oxygen, only natural element to start with O

Group 111

Puzzle 1

Hero from The Neverending Story in 1980

__ Whitaker, The Shield actor

A deciding __ used to make a decision

__ Bulldog is a cross between types of Bulldogs

Trimming the corner areas of gardens

__ Laboratories, famous pharmaceutical company

Wall separated capitalism and communism in Europe

Snow or water

Requesting or enquiring

Puzzle 2

A person trained in or skilled in gymnastics

Female god

A central part in which other parts are grouped

Showing no emotion, enthusiasm, expression

Small items that hair is wrapped in to curl it

__ Miss Daisy, won the Academy Awards in 1990

Initials representing a name, words

Candy cane coral have red and white __

The April ones bring forth May flowers

Dental __ is to prevent cavities

An idiophone hand percussion instrument

Large wardrobe with doors and shelves

State in Europe, capital is Zagreb

Puzzle 3

Religious symbol transmitting spiritual power

Yellow __, animation with The Beatles

Horror author of Cthulhu Mythos

Dishes, utensils, glasses, coasters, forks

Vitamin B good for pregnancy, folate

Left without protection

South American country about the size of India

Coffee chain store first opened in Seattle in 1971

Place where water supply is kept

Long-bodied insect with two pairs of large wings

Science of examining the eyes

Brought from China to Europe in the 13th century

Puzzle 4

Happy __, world’s most popular song

Bacteria or virus that causes disease

In business these come in receivables, payable

Egyptian goddess of water, consort to Set

Anne __, actress of The Devil Wears Prada

The kind of power that corrupts totally

A very popular baked pastry in North America

Filled with vengeance because of anger

Country with several Mayan cities, such as Copan

Way of painting using an air spray nozzle

Person who examines boats for seaworthiness

__ Planum, Martian region of flatlands

A concern for believers

Puzzle 5

A Hitchcock film featuring Kim Novak

Small mammal with a lemur face, a suricate

Old hand

This bush in Saskatchewan has scientists baffled

Love’s Travel Stops & __ Stores started in 1964

Heavy material put on ships to give stability

Diurnal means it happens during

Preferred fabric of bikers

Cut of meat from the breast of beef

Moving oddly, no dexterity, clumsy

Group 112

Puzzle 1

Principled, virtuous

Bronze Age people, language of Mesopotamia

Bernini sculpted the __ of Saint Teresa

First man on Mt. Everest’s peak, Edmund __ Kiwi

Language used for all international transactions

One of the organs that processes the food you eat

Whales and dolphins are __

Someone who makes an affidavit

Flakey small bread eaten with gravy

Argo, Pearl Harbor, and Batman actor, Ben __

High torque, slow speed vehicle

Puzzle 2

Let the __ stick to his last

Miracle on 34th Street actress __ O’Hara

Opposite of backward

Slang for a car that has a lot wrong with it

Tax imposed by a king on holders knight’s fees

South American capital on the Caribbean Sea

First probe to orbit Saturn

To give responsibilities to someone

Sovereign ruler of an empire, a monarch

Fishing with a hook and line, not fly fishing

Natural substance that is found in food

People who shoot with a bow and arrow

Puzzle 3

Zap __, Captain of the Nimbus from Futurama

1979 Ivan Reitman comedy starring Bill Murray

The study of projectiles in flight

Time when all the troubles seemed so far away

Cleanliness is next to it

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea

Butterfly still in its hard case

Starter aka hors d’oeuvre

German girl known best for her courageous diary

Orderly historical written account

Career where one enlists others for careers

The smallest kind of blood vessel

Colombia’s main river, delta on the Caribbean

So strange as not seeming real

Isaac __ Wright plays Bran Stark in Game of Thrones

“All sound” Japanese electronics brand

Puzzle 4

Greek god of wine

Separated from other persons or things

Martin __, director of Goodfellas

Type of disease that spreads around the world

World-weariness, scoffing

Durable roadway surface, usually grey

Tight-fitting stretch pants

Unplowed land near a fence or border

Container for waste

Sea animal that looks like a star

The capital of Tuvalu

Puzzle 5

Spider’s masterpiece, hate to walk into them

To help someone do something

Possibility of harm or injury, risk, trouble

“Cloak and __” stories of intrigue

Cheese popular with kids can be peeled apart

Test by a surgeon on a sample of tissue

Main character of The Jungle Book, Disney film

Ancient city, Turkey’s capital

Mysterious affair at __. An A. Christie’s novel

Enlisted Naval member, below petty officer


Group 113

Puzzle 1

Cirky is a circus __, used like carny

Massive monster with strength and powers

Words that look, but don’t sound the same

Month between October and December

It has the most Rolls Royces per capita

American gangster during the Prohibition

Post, detail

Concentrated melaninized cells, ephelides

Another word for a spring onion or shallot

Coral __ live on coral reefs

Puzzle 2

Dublin stadium for Gaelic sporting events

People who travel to work in the city

Sweet fruit that resembles a large tomato

Most secretive capital run by young dictator

Josie & the __, cartoon about a girl-band

To observe a holiday or special occasion

Terry __, English writer of fantasy satirical novels

Dogs apt to draw sleds

What does it all mean, this study will explain

They harvest the ocean

Transatlantic ocean liner between 1936 and 1967

Puzzle 3

Woman or girl who acts in a play or movie

__ schooners transported pioneers westwards

Rubber suction cup used to clear blocked pipes

Animal known for its large claws and great taste

Not on the Internet or connected

Someone who takes by choice into a relationship

Attack an enemy with artillery fire

Lord of the Rings, Frodo __

Thai capital, setting for second Hangover movie

Tube that lets you breathe

Rare syndrome caused by pituitary tumor

Puzzle 4

Type of fish known for its long whiskers

As flat as a __

Late night host who loves car, distinct chin

A baking container often used on birthdays

The act of abuse, treating in a harmful way

Won the Academy Awards for Best Movie in 1941

Evil eye __ ward off Evil in Middle East culture

Yerevan is capital of this country

To run a ship onto the beach or on land

Type of food, with filling wrapped in a tortilla

Easter search for candies and chocolates

Highest-pitched instrument in an orchestra

Puzzle 5

Three toads are good luck in Asian cultures

__ Shop, Macklemore loves to find a deal here

Unit of liquid measurement, __ of milk

Japanese religion with multiple gods, shrines

The capital of Eritrea

The original four-legged swastika

90s popular haircut named after a sitcom character

__ 13, drama about the abortion of a lunar mission

Reaction of the skin, itchy, swollen, scaling

Long sticks circus performer walks with

Earnings before taxes, interest, depreciation, etc

Group 114

Puzzle 1

Castro’s home, was Spanish colonial headquarters

Genre of low-tempo Latin music

Martial art from Japan with many variations

Small kitchen knife used for peeling

The Lion in __, Anthony Hopkins film debut

Natural, sweet additives

German fairy tale, __ and Gretel

Once known as love apple

Oral communication, expressing through talking

Taking place in spring

Fourth state of matter, type of TV

Item in a car to see behind you

Puzzle 2

Mix together while cooking, __ eggs

Separates solids from oil in an engine

Queen Victoria’s great great grand-daughter

Having a favorable opinion of one’s abilities

A collector of fares in a public conveyance

The board behind the basket

Someone you went to school with

US has no relations with this Middle East state

Blade Runner is this type of science fiction

Puzzle 3

Tuscan city, birthplace of Renaissance

His Martian Chronicles are a landmark

A person who reports and conducts interviews

Loose fitting pants that inspired a NYC team name

Escape from __ is a survival board game

Romantic sitcom based on a cruise ship

East Asian language has 125 million speakers

Small lagoon of seawater left rocks after a swell

Cancer of the blood, bone marrow

Social conflict between police and criminals

So easy, like __ candy from a baby

Jesus’ twelve disciples

Puzzle 4

A heavy-duty tape has high levels of __

Language spoken on the Horn of Africa

Viscera, insides

Manta rays have -shaped fins

It kills more than the sword

Inglourious __, WWII movie directed by Tarantino

Event describing increase of wavelength of light

Lion tamer, Indiana Jones favorite tool

Villa Jovis, Emperor __ abode in Capri

__ Robinson, American professional boxer

Place hands on ten and two on this wheel

Puzzle 5

Negatively charged subatomic particle

Gaming conventions __ new games

Thrombocytes, they help stop bleeding

Business networking website

The __ Wore Tennis Shoes starred Kurt Russell

Unesco World Heritage Site in San Antonio, Texas

Letting foods soak in liquid overnight

The list with passengers’ names in a flight

Hagar the __, comic about Viking man

A statement saying something is not true

Animal with long nose known for eating ants

King of Serpents, kills with just one glance

Group 115

Puzzle 1

Set of bells, metals, etc, musical when wind blows

Country where Stefan Edberg was born

Modern __, TV show exploring family in comedy

Social site coordinates real life encounters

Grilled sandwiches with Italian name

Brand name for correction fluid

To clean your throat with mouthwash

Houses made of ice

Actor, not the voice, of Darth Vader, David __

Tile-matching vintage video game

The typification of something

Islamic law

Outward curve of legs, separating the knees

A free circus ticket is named after Annie __

Puzzle 2

Machinery, wheels, etc, which supports the car

Making an exact replica of

Boxer with little finesse, swinging punches

It will be mended if least is said

Warhol painted Eight __

Glossy varnish

Storage unit for folded clothes

East Slavic language of the former Soviet Union

House of __, part of the British Parliament

German poet who banished the letter R from his poems

Fragile state, peanut flavored sweet

__ coral are also called table corals

The capital of Armenia

Puzzle 3

Mass of hexagonal wax cells built by bees

Is there another word for this book

Rough and inharmonious sounds, especially in music

The highest peak in the Americas

__ Army, charity known for its Christmas presence

A person who grows or uses herbs to treat illness

The __, Brit film about male strip-tease

Little gift thrown in on buying bigger item

Game with rackets, a net and a shuttlecock

David Furnish is married to this pianist

Puzzle 4

Type of volcanic glass

Dance form of emotional intensity, foot stamping

Cat cross of Chinchilla Persian and Burmese breeds

__ Curtis, The Scream Queen

Maker of three-dimensional representations

Company that sells something for retail price

A French dish made from beaten eggs fried in a pan

Puzzle 5

__ Baldwin, youngest of the Baldwin brothers

Great secret of nature alchemists tried to find

Algiers is the capital of __

Dashboard in a car with controls

Captain __, Tintin’s tipsy friend

Empress, wife of the ruler of Russia

__ plot, dotted mathematical diagram

What is left to heirs

Small, oily herring served in oval tins

Bubbleheaded, absurd, foolish, brainless

Group 116

Puzzle 1

Artists go acoustic

Repugnant, sickening

Liquid swished in the mouth to clean it

Study of space, stars, and objects

Honey or sugar

The Monkey’s Paw is the world’s first __

To sew a design on a piece of cloth

Sentence that can be heard in a train station

Wild frontier town of the Old West in Kansas

__ painted The Picnic Party

Puzzle 2

PIN: __ Identification Number

Eating utensils, plates, and dishes

Bipolar __ is a manic-depressive illness

__ Tatum, Magic Mike actor

Assigning name to a product or company

Preserver and makeup artist of the dead

Greatly influence Earth’s climate

Courage, the __ Dog, cartoon about a wimp dog

Rare golden yellow variety of beryl

Excited, frenzied, hectic, hyperactive

Country where Cristiano Ronaldo was born

Protagonist lacking noble qualities

Submerging in liquid, most common with eggs

Name of Alexander the Great’s mother

Puzzle 3

Part of bag used to hold or carry it

Water nymphs that protected streams, rivers, wells

__ Hound is known for short legs and low bark

Frozen sweetened water, with fruit or liqueur

Ancient counting frame

Cave __ is exploring underwater caves

__ Statement, company’s revenues, expenses

Four-sided shape, city gathering place

__ Freeman, actor and narrator

Cryptic, occult

Little __, 1931 film about organized crime

Puzzle 4

Aquatic mammal of a sociable nature

US Virgin __

Jumped to conclusions

Soft, thin paper squares used to blow your nose

Anger is a strong __, sometimes negative

__ World, NBC soap that ran for 35 years

Insults between two people online

Country where the ancient Carthage once lay

__ Homer painted The Fox Hunt

Italian sports car brand, Formula 1 team

Puzzle 5

People who deliberately destroy or damage things

Kind of jam made from citrus fruit

Ceramic material first seen in ancient China

Carried Norse heroes to Valhalla

Greek mythological river where Achilles was dipped

Act of insulting a deity

The __ Game, film on solving the riddle of Enigma

Importunate, pressing

Heavy metal band most famous for Enter Sandman

Person who helps treat mental or emotional problems

Only natural exit in the Mediterranean

Group 117

Puzzle 1

Nickname of British soldiers in Revolutionary War

Pitch thrown at a batter’s head

Target’s canine mascot, Spuds look alike

Single track railway, Disney has one

Rod with notches to indicate depth

Trick somebody into doing something

Headache disorder that can be recurrent

Animal activist, acting legend of Pillow Talk

Throwing three or more things at a time

First screen with top level choices

Puzzle 2

Father of your mom or dad

Authorization to arrest, detain someone

Aloft means above the rigging of a __ ship

By crossing it Caesar changed world’s history

The Wealth of __, Adam Smith book

Make a movie with drawings, cartoons

Memory is your __ to retrieve information

Software or app allows users to surf the Internet

A region bound by two concentric circles

Puzzle 3

Medium-sized cat found in South America

To cause physical harm to something

Chinese philosophy meaning the “way”

A receptacle having a narrow neck

Chest pain caused by low oxygen to the heart

Inhale and __

TV show on a serial killer who kills counterparts

Katy Perry did this to a girl and enjoyed herself

They reigned in France from 1328 to 1589

Hand __, keeps the hands moist, hydrated

Decorative border with loose hanging strips

Puzzle 4

Highest registered instrument in the brass family

Animals believed to exist by pseudoscientists

Full of feelings of jealousy

Fruit you will madly fall in love with

Son of a Champion racecar driver, __ Villeneuve

Small patch of hair over your eyelids

Nike is the Greek goddess of __

TV channel that focuses on the past

__ pin, utensil used for flattening dough

__ Astronomy is watching the sky

To share a message on Twitter

Well known African country, capital Mogadishu

Bartholomew Roberts’ pirate ship

Abnormal reaction of the body to a substance

Puzzle 5

Large house in the city joined to others

System of organs for food in and out of a body

When the bottom teeth close over the top teeth

Occasion to wear strings of beads in New Orleans

Used by wizards and Harry Potter to make spells

Portuguese painter, Jose __, died 1887

__ trevally is an inshore marine jack fish

Row of stitches sewn on the face side of a garment

A lad, a young man

Fructose occurs __ in fruits

Group 118

Puzzle 1

This person rings you up at a store

Capital of Northern Ireland since 1921

TV drama about life of plastic surgeons

A disease or sickness

Postal markings that replace stamps

Ice __, ship designed to move through ice

Risen out of the water, leaves, etc

Dough, stretched, cut; pasta

First probe to visit Mercury

James __, actor from It’s a Wonderful Life

Game played with ball, bats and two wickets

Large semiaquatic rodent with a musky smell

Six-sided geometric shape

Puzzle 2

It modifies the verb, often ends in “ly”

Beverage made with eggs, milk, cream, and sugar

Loose trousers for casual wear

Cone shaped item used to pour liquids

Found at the back, steers a ship, submarine

Stringed instrument, forerunner to the guitar

Place for keeping files

Adjective used as a noun

Large beings in Norse mythology who live near rocks

Last bowler on a team, keeps team from drifting

__ giant clam is bright blue with spots

Steep-walled, bowl-shaped valley

James Earl Jones is __ in The Lion King

To put money to gain returns

Perceived color of the sun

Puzzle 3

Short scene, faded border in photographs

They say it is a lottery

Gone with the Wind’s lead character

Small body cavity

Green herb, small leaves, related to oregano

David __, Californication star, Agent Mulder

Lego __ is a popular hobby for all ages

Sports drink created for Florida college team

World’s largest wetlands found in Western Brazil

Eight day Jewish holiday

Cover cuts and scrapes on the skin

History that has meaning and value to a culture

Layer of fabric underneath another layer of fabric

Puzzle 4

Narrow land strips connecting two larger landmasses

Plant with broad leaves used as salad

Island country, home of the leprechaun

Music emits from this in cars, stereo systems

Rock formed by cooling lava

Used to improve signals

For a short period of time

Fastening, securing, joining together

Anne Rice is the author of Interview with the __

__ Malamutes are bred for cold and sledding

Notorious Colombian drug lord

Area next to the outer edges of a coat of arms

Puzzle 5

Drawing a pattern in a hard, flat surface

Without limits

Darwin’s evolution islands

“White Gorgonzola” with a hint of bitterness

The main room of a royal palace

Animated TV series aimed for the adult audience

German actor who played Auric Goldfinger

A room in which coats and hats may be kept

Tubes that connect ovaries to uterus

The time from midday to evening

Strolling balloon vendors in circus

Group 119

Puzzle 1

Mountain with highest elevation above sea level

What one should do for the worst

Garment worn by divers to insulate the skin

__ Party, overnight kid’s get together

Spoon for straining food, e.g. vegetables

Pizza topping despised by many

Agatha Christie’s character: __ Poirot

Naval commander in chief of a large fleet

To deviate from normal path, go another way

French-inspired Olympic sport requires a mask

Goddess of love and beauty in Hinduism

Puzzle 2

Half the length of a diameter

Pavel __, Russian, “Davy Jones” Star Trek

Something done without anyone knowing

__ of July, date of America’s independence

The 1st phonograph was invented by him in 1877

Orange vegetable eaten raw or cooked

Japanese car brand of the Altima

Permanent __ is tattooed on the face

Paulo __, Brazilian best-selling author

Olympic canoeing involves sprints and __

__ crabs are widely known as pets

Lucky __ brings the receiver good luck

Congressional __ Office, aka CBO, nonpartisan

__ cleaner, home appliance, cleans carpets

Puzzle 3

Queasy feeling, need to vomit

Carpal tunnel affects this set of bones

A Sugar __, a gliding possum that is kept as pet

Stuff which every physical thing is made from

Small sharp piece, broken off

__ Gaye, smooth singer murdered by his father

The sport or act of fighting with the fists

Popular chip dish actually from Texas, not Mexico

Money pocket in men’s pants, women’s purses

Creature part tiger, part carp in Japanese folklore

Large metal or wooden piece carried for protection

Hill __ Blues, 80’s police serial drama

Person who creates visual pieces

First mass market touchscreen portable phone

__ writing, open semantic; writing with no words

Psychoactive spineless cactus drug aka mescaline

State created in 1948, after WWII

Small underground room, usually to store wine

Puzzle 4

Points of spiritual power along the body

A very long time ago, pre-Roman empire

__ Skies, TV show about an alien invasion

Literary work that defends author’s ideas

Houses inhabited by ghosts, spirits

Commander of a ship, plane, police

Anticoagulants are used to __ blood clots

They assemble in covens

Spanish sherry, usually medium dry

German luxury car brand

Rachel __, Sherlock Holmes actress

Southern German region known for Oktoberfest

Appliance that can be found in a kitchen

__ cichlids are also called Mbuna cichlids

Second largest moon on Neptune

Loud, compressed air at sports events

Don’t Miss __, a Parker Brothers 1965 board game

Puzzle 5

It never strikes the same place twice

Hides blemishes, dark circles under eyes

Natural understanding of need

Widely planted grape helps make cognac

HTML: __ Markup Language

Apply this in rooms to decorate them

Golden __, controversial exit payments for CEOs

Off road motorcycle racing

Italian film director

Canines that protect properties

Two __ of Verona, a Shakespeare’s comedy

Place where a judge works

Person who does routine work in a business office

Semi-precious gemstone similar to sard

Shia holy city, Baghdad neighborhood

Tough flexible tissue found in parts of the body

New Orleans jazz popular with white musicians

Battle of __, between the Hindu kings and the Arabs

Stupid person with senseless cranium

San __, city famous for its suspension bridge

What Lisa plays in The Simpsons

Wife of Perseus, placed in the stars after death

Group 120

Puzzle 1

Virtual band that released the hit Clint Eastwood

Place with no light used to develop photographs

Flying __, a legendary ghost ship

Kingdom in SE Asia, capital is Phnom Penh

Male horse, uncastrated, used for breeding

First European explorer to cross the Pacific

Someone who shares an accommodation with you

A religion popular in India and Nepal

If you __ the sixties, you weren’t there

Software errors in games not caught by creators

Feeling of regarding anything with disdain

North African dish “named twice”

Puzzle 2

Straw hat with a flat top

First name of American President with ivory teeth

This Saturn moon has a retrograde orbit

Down the __ Hole, Alice in Wonderland metaphor

Arabic noble title; “strength”

Online searching tool

To physically make something, art, music

Okey, similiar to Rummikub, is popular in __

Large spade used for moving dirt

Floaters are __ spots in your vision

An average person spends 6 __ at red lights

Pocahontas, 1995 Disney __ American film

To make a record of, systematic collecting

__ retriever, well known for its beautiful coat

Country with Athens and mythological gods

Subatomic particle with positive charge

Nut of a tree, usually English or Persian

Puzzle 3

Large sheet of paper, printed on one side

Identical and __ twins

The carving or engraving on whale bones

Recipe prepared with thinly sliced onions

Steady, unwavering

Only woman to get the RIBA Stirling Prize

Charlie Brown’s avian pal, music festival

Mesa is a land __ with steep walls and a flat top

Thick piece of material used in handling hot pans

Brightest Star in the constellation of Taurus

Action __ films include the Indiana Jones franchise

Worn beneath pants

Puzzle 4

Montreal __ , hockey team member of NHL

A bambi rides this

Once Upon a __, movie with Cary Grant

The one who shouldn’t be shot

Popular US fruit juice brand

Lanky, canine rapper known for love of weed

During this time

Type of ride in an amusement park using cars

A person’s anatomy schedule aka circadian rhythm

Love interest of Bridget Jones

The Count of Monte Cristo, by __ Dumas

Flight __, videogame about flying aircrafts

Puzzle 5

Referring to the written work on a web page

Organic matter that can be made into fuel

Minister of Foreign __

When this is full, find a bathroom quick

Projectiles fired from a gun

Body or organ wasting away from damage

Nazi secret police

Legal dissolve of a marriage

Aerial scavenger of the dead, carcass eater

Andre 3000 and Big Boi misspelled duo

French sweet meringue-based confectionery

Chinese dominoes, only more complex

A great distance, long way off, remote area

Sport of shooting bow and arrows

Mildly perfumed toilet water

Objects or representations, symbols, signs, designs

First vessel to reach the bottom of Challenger Deep

Attracted with something desirable

Skilled gymnast in a circus, tightrope

Anagram of trestle

Notable family of politicians hit by tragic events