Group 720

Puzzle 1

National song, sung before international matches
Underground, or LU, the Tube
Oil-based skin care products that target wrinkles
Young people who are not old enough to vote
Washington Irving classic The Legend of Hollow
Doctors, professionals trained to treat ill people
Legally not fair
Scottish delicacy sold in Duty Free outlets
Mother and son Mia and Ronan
The Amityville film series based on Anson book
World’s largest museum, located in Paris
Walk like a baby
Large dressmaking scissors, and garden choppers
Another word for purchased
Polish piano composer Frederic
Slang term for Paris, derived from a type of hat
Common penguin species found only on Antarctica

Puzzle 2

Do You Know the Way to sang Dionne Warwick
Tunnel, grand engineering project of the 1990s
Famished, denied food
Male sitting in judgement in a court scenario
Space to stretch out one’s limbs on a train
Wailing in grief
Shape-shifting bird in Celtic oral tradition
Medieval English poet wrote Parlement of Foules
Fakes, shams

Puzzle 3

Annual celebrations of becoming a year older
Opposite of latitude
Disrespect, impertinence
Coming down with an illness; feeling unwell
Flowers with spicy scent, also a shade of red
Describes arches, such as the Wellington Arch
Early homes of prairie settlers made from turf
Vertical counterpart of latitude
Rip-roaringly funny
The third ghost to visit Ebenezer Scrooge
True crime podcast hosted by Christopher Goddard
Pink fish eggs, can be ikura in Japanese cuisine
Homes of the US Midwest built from turfs
Eddie Redmayne, Fantastic Beasts’ Newt

Puzzle 4

Milk or cream substitute for hot beverages
Awarding jobs and privileges to one’s friends
Area in the UK where the Eden Project can be found
Shape with three sides
Glass debris formed after a meteoric impact
1,024 KB make up this unit of computer information
Mrs misspeaker in Sheridan’s The Rivals
Aircraft manufacturer, mostly helicopters
The D in COD, or cash on
Second-largest port in Spain, in Galicia
The flag of South Korea
Roared speech, shouted loudly
Herbal remedy for constipation
Principles or general rules
Greetings, accompanied by the clink of glasses
Horizontally slatted window covering

Puzzle 5

Groups of words ordered grammatically
Flexible lightweight outer clothing material
Broccoli, a green bean or a carrot, for example
Something experienced deeply and emotionally
A board for riding on water, pulled by a speedboat
Concerning something
Edward the pious Anglo-Saxon king
Kindle ; unrestricted access to selected e-books
French building style, the basis of NY’s Flatiron
Church of the New founded by Swedenborg
North Welsh resort with a tramway and pier
Celebrity’s signature
What cars can do when they hit water on the road
Dream, German electronic band of the 70s