Group 719

Puzzle 1

Got off a train
Memento, token of friendship, souvenir
Barrier on a toll road
Brazilian city dubbed the Paris of the South
List of desired items for a shower or wedding
Language once spoken in Scandinavia
Once every twelve months
Visually ; having limited or damaged eyesight
Terrible place, underworld
Fitted lycra-based leg coverings
Fitted lycra bottoms used to exercise in
Cornish castle associated with King Arthur
The act of nitpicking

Puzzle 2

Book producer and seller
Alternative name for the common murre
Road in Rome celebrates an Italian victory in WWI
Neil Armstrong or Jessica Meir
Carrying a youngster on an adult’s rear
Garments worn when in the open air
With little or no preparation or rehearsal
Inflammation of joints, causing tender swelling
Orkney prehistoric village unearthed in 1850
Luxury apartment on highest level of a building
Not tonight ! Napoleon’s get-out clause
Intention to be sincere and honest

Puzzle 3

Daily journals
One who counsels others
Iced Tea,Tokyo Tea
Describes a honeycreeper bird and a newt
Watch over, keep an eye on
zone (LZ), alighting on the ground after a jump
Softly spoken with the audible sound of exhalation
Plant-eating lice family
Harry Jr., US singer who released Only You
Describes usual weather between spring and autumn
Bouncy bed items rearranged by attentive nurses
UK’s most popular pub name, a ruddy feline
Country whose language has six different tones
Directive or authority to govern
Strong offshore current can drag you out to sea
Remove the lime from a kettle, say

Puzzle 4

Card game played by the lonely
A Bee Gee whose twin was Maurice
Mammal excrement from elephants to mice
Place for getting drinks in the middle of a pool
Central German state with its capital at Erfurt
Thawed out
Writing illegibly
Futile, irrelevant
Literary creator of moustachioed villain Fu Manchu
Long stringy pasta that goes with meatballs
Tailor’s dummy

Puzzle 5

Approval, e.g. from royalty
Rods that span from the hub to the rim
Undamaged, whole
Inundate, flood, surround
Large container, or even a ship, for liquids
Italian music term for lively
Ancient road-building people led by emperors
Cantaloupes, honeydews, gacs
Linda Hamilton, Lena Headey both played this Sarah
8th C English ecclesiastic, also called Albinus
Gluey, tacky
Stands from which market traders sell their wares
Ticket without a return leg