Group 718

Puzzle 1

Rae ; Black Beatles hip hop duo
Round cut of lamb, also name of browned butter
Set off a bomb
Similar to a body of water surrounded by land
Place to put tootsies while on a plane or train
Small, white spring flower; Alice’s kitten
Purple girl’s name shared by Cordery, Leduc
Something that blocks or impedes progress
Play devil’s ; see both sides of an argument
Tour ; company that arranges trips and travel

Puzzle 2

Dutch parliament buildings in The Hague
Someone who dwells on problems and anxieties
Turf accountant
Unwellness, infirmity
The Bridge on the River Kwai director
Yielding milk
Passed from generation to generation, like genes
Very fast aquatic motorcraft
Kidnapping, taking someone against their will
Arabic news network, based in Qatar
English executioner, famous for botched killings
These are taken by feet when walking
Metal animal allusion gives a steam loco nickname
High street health and beauty retailer
Gaulle, international airport in Paris
Small, half a cup, used to serve an espresso in
Skullcap worn by the Roman Catholic clergy

Puzzle 3

Decorative technique for adding gold leaf or paint
Movement steadily downwards
One-piece garment used in gymnastics or dance
12 males making judicial decisions
Ruddy-coloured cattle of East Anglian origins
The child born on this day is bonny and blithe
Evidence-based field of study
Lose ; become confused, misunderstand
Adds pepper

Puzzle 4

Speaker’s Hyde Park place for public oratory
Hired a cottage
Pierce someone with a sharp object, like a stake
Clyde male member of infamous 30s outlaw duo
Apply oil religiously
Minted some metal money
South American country once called British Guiana
Having a metal cutting edge
Cubicles for taking photos at parties
Describes sports shot using joint at base of hand
Make someone angry by waving a at a bull

Puzzle 5

Leaky ship that the Pilgrims had to leave behind
Name given to many hotels, meaning mother city
Appealing, charming, engaging
Wartime efforts and experience of WW2 civilians
Swelling, inflammation
Eriksson; ex-England Swedish football manager
Elective, without compulsion
Comedic mute brother, he honked a horn to be heard
Supplying with tools
Comparisons, parallels
Driver of a limo who opens the doors
Table game with balls and wooden pins
Observation leading to identification
Combustible, easily catches fire
First day of Lent: Ash
Arctic island, home to the Thule culture