Group 717

Puzzle 1

Global hotel chain, owns Sheraton and Le Méridien
Peloponnesian War admiral and Spartan statesman
Choose Your Own Disaster author Dana
Artist of Arrangement in Grey and Black
Sky1 traffic police reality series
Dwindling or becoming more tired
Building or rooms that house important documents
Removing or pouring out contents
Travel mail item
Tugging your is to show too much deference
Helium-filled spheres for kids
and the Machine, Dog Days band
Italian breadsticks

Puzzle 2

Gatherings of people for fun
Beguiled, won over
Hit or slapped hard with the hand
Expressed in certain linguistic terms
Typical score calculated across a wide range
Ancient flute-like instrument, ceramic with holes
Saturday and Sunday as a whole
Hopkins or Michael Hall
Mafia-type expression for Do you understand?
Flagg, recurring figure in Stephen King novels
Non-believer in gods
Trip ; website with holiday and hotel reviews
Airline, company that transports passengers
Holy middle name of Jair Bolsonaro

Puzzle 3

Danish acting brothers Lars and Mads
Admonish, chastize
care; unit providing critical medical support
Space and freedom to move about
Revolving symbols of a trip to the Netherlands
Study of debating; now linked to police evidence
Extinct big tooth prehistoric shark species
Surname of Joey from Friends
Commonwealth realms, e.g. Canada
Jovial, amiable, friendly
Decorative name plate at a formal dinner
Decorative name plate at a wedding breakfast
The person most fond of athletic pursuits

Puzzle 4

Clark; romantic heroine of Me Before You
Ethiopian bread used as a substitute for utensils
Majory’s exclamation if Richard DeVere is around
Table coverings to go under cutlery, plates
Japanese Metal Gear video game corporation
Chat, gossip
Placed away from or opposite to the mouth
Complains squeakily
Act that prepares the crowd for the main performer
Old part of cities in North Africa, often walled
Keep busy, distract

Puzzle 5

Comedy tumbles on the buttocks for laughs
Lotion or spray used to shield solar rays
Colorful crepe paper lengths for celebrating
Misled, deceived, stalled someone
1968 Beatles song written about the Maharishi
One who travels in search of warm weather
Refuse to accept
Style with darkened strands of hair
Largeness, extent
Common cut of smoked or unsmoked pig meat