Group 716

Puzzle 1

up, talking to find out what you’ve missed
Northern British term for feet in boots
Gary Cooper’s Western film showdown
British for feet in boots
Tips, advice, handy hints
City location of South African seat of government
Separation of entities often attached, like chords
Closed with buttons
Stepping ashore, or making
Crewed submersible that explored Titanic wreck
Severe traffic jam where no vehicles are moving

Puzzle 2

Ray who played Manny in Ice Age
Masonic and compass symbolism
under, swamped with work
Georgi Bulgarian killed with poisoned umbrella
history museum; interactive way to learn
So You Want to Talk About Race author Oluo
Hindu, Jain practice of not hurting living things
Raided and stole booty
Showing fondness for a social media post
Rebound, spring up and down on a trampoline

Puzzle 3

Born to iconic 50s dance breakout in Grease
Point in the day when the rubber ducks come out
Place where one takes a shower, brushes teeth
Fail to impress, e.g. a lame joke
Of and kings, poetic line from Lewis Carroll
Buoy or other item a boat is attached to
United snack firm behind McVitie’s and Jacobs
Cape, promontory
Fees paid for mailing packages: and handling
Most liked
French word for a dance slide or glide
Driving very fast, over the limit
Baby acorn-bearing trees
Centre ; inside-out building in French capital
Conflicts with battles at Ladysmith and Mafeking
Spencer assassinated British prime minister
Substance that is refined to create petroleum
Dance slide that’s often done at weddings
Computer programs that aren’t hard
The show about bands and 76 Trombones
Chinese sport that combines squash and tennis

Puzzle 4

Leave 1989 hit for Michael Jackson
Pricy, small circular cake in many shades
Italian ornaments company with Latin script logo
Lattice for climbing plants
Upper-case letter
Keepsake, or mystery movie starring Guy Pearce
Small intestinal roundworms
Three score and ten
Animal remains
New York’s famous statue
Untidy, bedraggled, messy
Staying overnight in a tent

Puzzle 5

Actor who played conman in White Collar
Plumber, carpenter, painter, all-rounder
Monetary awards towards university tuition fees
Someone whose power is due to their wealth
Wimbledon sportswear brand with panther logo
Lepus europaeus, boxing, rabbit-like herbivore
Wincing in pain, stepping back
Lepus europaeus, colourful boxing herbivore
Techie nickname of King Harald (940-985)
The seed inside a Jaffa or Valencia
Shop that offers manicures
of power, means the higher levels of government
Holiday trips
Single-wheeled bikes ridden by circus performers
glacier, Antarctic crossing on South Pole
Profession of Jesus and his father, Joseph
Puzzlement or bewilderment
Plate ; motion of large pieces of Earth’s shell