Group 715

Puzzle 1

Mate, breed
Father ; troubled priest in Stephen King novels
Money to fund a project; a US reel of paper money
Harsh or blistering, e.g. criticism
William 1st prime-minister of Irish Free State
Grabbing a ball that is thrown
Reckless, uneconomical
Duty free shop fayre, a metal canister for cha
Pointlessness, often said of war
Rough, scaly, mangy
Two slices of bread with filling, a lunchtime meal
Bluey-green colour, from the Latin for green

Puzzle 2

Movement of human hide to cover burns, say
Give up something valued, at considerable cost
Large regal sea duck with colourful bill
Pilots; Tyler Joseph’s Stressed Out band
Relating to tailored clothes
The A in ATM, Teller Machine
Hindu-Buddhist temple on the island of Java
Large regal sea duck with bright bill
Sweet vanilla fizzy drink
Record-keeper at a museum
Caught in a trap, or in a difficult position
Area centers on sailing along rhumb lines
Played Sonny Corleone in The Godfather

Puzzle 3

Kidnaps and holds hostage
Trudge, plod
Alaskan port and gold rush frontier town
Lack of vanity
horses, decorative wooden equines of Sweden
Item hung from a horse’s saddle or part of the ear
Wicked woman of the Bible, daughter of Ahab
How Great ; 1966 gospel album by Elvis
Cotton padding used to stuff garments

Puzzle 4

Area between eyebrows and hairline, often wrinkled
Fly a plane close to the ground
Fern romance and thriller novelist
Fitness guru, Jillian
Deviates, turns aside
Silenced, brushed under the carpet
With the least features
Flabbergast, shock
Main access road through a city or town

Puzzle 5

Polecat-like animal kept as a pet
Styles, particular items chosen
Forgive someone’s sins
Bay on which Captain Cook first landed in 1770
hats, knitted Andean headgear with earflaps
Person in a forest with a gun, chasing animals
Deepest points, vertical extents
Electronic messages typed on computers or phones
Regular comic series printed in newspapers
Triplet with Hubert and Harris, brothers of Merida