Group 714

Puzzle 1

Casual sport at Cambridge on the River Cam
Stray off topic
Scooby-Doo rides in the Mystery
Elizabethan London tavern features in literature
Cow shelter or barn
Unclear, hazy, e.g. vision
Prolonged period with no rainfall
Chromian variety of illite
Leeloo is the missing fifth link
Seeds also known as Persian cumin
Shoulders responsibility, takes the blame
a flight; arriving too late to travel
Wood, WWI battle in June 1918

Puzzle 2

Seafood such as lobsters, crabs and oysters
Dublin sporting venue, scene of a massacre in 1920
London/Irish punk band of Dirty Old Town
Immoral and hedonistic, dissipated
Line of linked metal securing a front portal
Abrasive cream for removing skin roughness
Plant called Anagallis, linked to scarlet
Alternative to a zip on a pair of jeans
A giant hero in a book by Rabelais
Italian Riviera tourist resort
The first of the three periods of the Cenozoic Era
Option that allows quicker than usual service

Puzzle 3

Elvis movie: he stars as a singing rodeo rider
SeaWorld chain of water parks
Grand houses with many rooms
Venue of the first Harry Ramsden’s fish & chips
Thin bendy tube used to drain away bodily liquids
Relating to a degenerating cell nucleus
Motor homes, campers
Apps and programs that are shared without a fee
Keep up, return for fixes
Trees and shrubs with seed-bearing cones

Puzzle 4

Clogged pore or hair follicle
Substance from sperm whales, found in fragrances
New civil engineering project traversing London
Pro- Soccer; PES sports video game franchise
Scottish architectural icon, scene of a disaster
Concluding passage at the end of a book
Resting places of soldiers who died in combat
Caribbean plantations grew this vital plant
NW range of the Alps, with Mount Leone
Length of life
Network for passing on reusable goods to others

Puzzle 5

Shrinking ; exaggeratedly shy person
noir, shorthand for Danish, Swedish TV dramas
Jude should make a sad song this
Town near Rome, site of the Villa d’Este
60s artistic movement of John Lennon and Yoko Ono
Flushing convenience
Romantic partners
Elmer Burt Lancaster’s hard-drinking salesman
Dar es former capital of Tanzania
warehouse, where goods are held before taxation
Series of connected rooms in hotels
wave, MW; mid-range radio frequency band
Sullen and gloomy
Outdoor meal; often attracts ants