Group 713

Puzzle 1

Hand-dyed batik fabric produced on Andros Island
Forrest ; pet collector in The Good Dinosaur
French term for very finely chopped vegetables
Puts into a certain order
For hygiene, soaking the tools does this to them
Communication system used in a particular country
Number of seats in a sports stadium
Meet ; opportunity to get a selfie with a singer
Inflammation; getting more turgid
Where old things are gathered to reuse or destroy
Bodily pose adopted for prayer
Forever, for all of time
Secret or hidden way in or out of a building
16th-century French font named after its inventor
Stop-motion creator or cartoon illustrator
External building that belongs to a property
The physical process of producing young
A country’s armed forces

Puzzle 2

Rich, possessing a lot of cash
Noise a donkey (or MPs) makes
Spouse of a Russian dictator
Run playfully like a child or small dog
Lacus ; Roman name for Lake Garda
City, nickname for Seattle, and Oz
The the remote arid interior of Australia
Stutter, falter when speaking
Tippy nostalgic toy that did flips, badly!
Religious day of the week
Crafting technique using thin metal sheets
Itinerant Aussie workers, camping by billabongs?

Puzzle 3

Émilie du French thinker, translated Principia
Singapore’s literal meaning, a big cat conurbation
Duck species with citrus fruit name
Someone subject to removal from a country
Corresponding to, equalling
Surety, bond, guarantee
Vacationers, visitors to landmarks
Consignment received from a supplier
Custom-made or fitted
Removed impurities from dirty water
Toddler’s tantrum or nuclear accident
Workers who stop parked cars from going anywhere
NYC street, American theatrical mecca

Puzzle 4

Alexander made complete crossing of N America
and said Alice, weirder and weirder
Raw stick of sweetness from a plantation
Lowest rank of police officer
Moscow public space with onion-dome cathedral
Vansittart, designed a ship propulsion screw
The way to a destination
It causes food poisoning
Payments made for use of copyright material
Art or other medium that helps one release emotion
Passed exams successfully, completed a course
Marks, smudges
Some Kind of with best friend tomboy Watts
Regularly going on the ocean; a sailor’s life

Puzzle 5

Building, tower built for a sewing-machine heir
Track ; how someone has performed in the past
Using a rope to haul or pull a vehicle
Reverberated, resounded
Take a position; have a view on something
Rabbit wife of Stu Hopps in Zootopia
Gymnastics pose with legs spread wide to the floor
Almondy-sweet syrup found mixed in a Mai Tai
Keep your up, stay cheerful
Bowl and plates, crockery