Group 712

Puzzle 1

Colloquial name for a gooseberry
Thoughts of things past
Make the air in rooms moist
South American river turtle with leaf-shaped head
Bullock and become unlikely friends in The Heat
Scotland’s highest mountain
War planning
Imported contraband
Tony starred as obsessive-compulsive Monk
Art deco solar motif
Overnight accommodation in a frozen construction
Computer hardware that stops unapproved access

Puzzle 2

Less offensive way of saying something
The day before Boxing Day
Next to, adjacent to
Early name for a bowler hat
Parallel lines along the length of a tennis court
Normandy resort with racetrack and casino
City of the US’s traditional Monopoly game
Boatloads; parcels sent overseas
Dream, the Very Best of Crowded House
Plunging theme park ride
Indiscriminate killing at a murder scene
French sparkling wine
Displaying a strong sense of national pride
Quilt made from scraps of fabric sewn together

Puzzle 3

Those who give advice
Nicholas portraitist of Queen Elizabeth I
Entertaining/fantastical distraction from reality
Falls, part of the Zambezi named after a queen
Former Scottish capital on the River Forth
Topping, along with royal icing, of a Xmas cake
Type on this at a computer
City, its roads are on the US Monopoly game
In addition to
Include, constitute
Marian African-American operatic contralto
Roller coaster where cars hang below the track

Puzzle 4

Small plastic packages
Made a scary dog noise
Jason who sang Sealed With a Kiss
Capital and largest city of Libya
Gazing at a focal point in yoga poses
Wearing, the tatty edges of worn material
Famous French caves with prehistoric artwork
White flakes from the ocean
Imaginary delusion
Global hotel group with HQ in France
Opposite of floor

Puzzle 5

Pupa with antennae, legs, wings glued to the body
South African barbecues
Chinese mobile phone maker
Poots, Roadies and Green Room actress
A bargain one sniffs out all the best deals
Capital of Brittany
Hurry up
Describes a tacky, garish design
Three Mile site of nuclear accident in 1979
Desert of West Australia with Lake Disappointment
Expose someone’s true character or persona