Group 711

Puzzle 1

Instructed verbally
Tissue blueprints used to cut out fabrics
Take a file from the internet or a computer
Glass container with screw-top lid, used for jam
Incoming flights or passengers
Sounds like a fire
Move across, navigate
Roman wine that can be dry, sweet or sparkling
Observer, of beauty perhaps?
Owl with call that greedily demands pig meat
Prehistoric, from the earliest time

Puzzle 2

Georgia city venue for the US Masters golf major
Country a yokel or rural unsophisticate
Internal support beams in a roof
Make nervous and agitated
The sci-fi horror about military virus
Add flour to make a sauce less thin
King of England during the Restoration: II
Charles Thomson; Challenger marine researcher
Choice from what’s available; taking a chance
Island, remote place south of New Zealand

Puzzle 3

Ordinary, like something encountered routinely
Moving around a planet in space
Rooks in a rookery, crows ; nature proverb
Borussia ; German football side also called BVB
Canned from Portugal in bright artistic tins
It goes inside a turkey before roasting
Nick Cave band, The
Photo prints that are hung on walls
Someone employed to do a variety of jobs
hours, time to see a patient in hospital

Puzzle 4

Ricci; Jesuit priest and missionary to China
Describes an infection spread by spores
sweets include barley sugar and bullseyes
Stringed instrument, acoustic or electric
Monitor lizard in The Rescuers Down Under
Mythological Chinese mountain in Taoist religion
Bring to mind, remember
Intensely cold; freezing, arctic
Ancient Greek dress made from a rectangular cloth
Riverbank homes constructed by beavers
He tips or lifts his hat in greeting

Puzzle 5

Triangular bodice piece worn by Elizabethans
Saint Jean town close to the Italian border
Singing in a drunken manner
Pointless, unsuccessful, said of exercises
A doss house; cheap lodgings
Ancient playwright who wrote the Oresteian Trilogy
Turning upside down
Played a trick shot with a cue
Gloucestershire residence of Prince Charles
Seen in big cities, leading a group around
Archibald Leach as an actor
Largest city on Greece’s largest island
Monthly summary of bank account activity