Group 710

Puzzle 1

With no visible joins or edges
Gently stretch to slow heart rate after exercise
Freewheeling, cycling without using pedals
Social media for professionals and networkers
Pain or throbbing in the temples or skull
Screens that cut a room into separate parts
The range of someone’s abilities
Step or stage viewed as part of a series of events
In-depth analysis of a subject
Book genre involving crime and excitement

Puzzle 2

Nighttime beetle that produces light
Smallest member of the flute family
Feather-shaped abstract repeating pattern
Food rhyming with waffle but made with chickpeas
Swollen and full
fasciitis causes pain in the arch of the foot
Restraining ropes used by dog walkers
Hypersaline lake in the Middle East
To puzzle or confuse

Puzzle 3

Person who makes a living as a street performer
Online shopping store or Brazilian rain forest
Weight measure used for uncooked steaks
Oath, promise
Thick black ink used in lithography
Turbulent, fast-flowing stretch of a river
Used to stop vehicles
Silly ; aerosol that sprays streams of plastic
bee; industrious hive inhabitant
A curtain hangs in front of it
Bent or doubled over like with a piece of paper
Register by name at a gathering
Wild, out of control
on a Plane, reptiles in the air movie

Puzzle 4

Units that measure the loudness of sound
It’s a when you’ve already paid, Ironic lyrics
Frame for carrying luggage on top of a car
Stature, build
Confrontation with weapons, where no one can win
Brand name for petroleum jelly used on lips
Zenith, top point of something
A witty retort
Publication full of gags
A baker’s dozen, an extra bun
Filled sacks used for flood control

Puzzle 5

With zero value; unimportant
Diagram of rooms in a house, seen from above
Freezing point of water in Fahrenheit, degrees
Branches and stems that are cut off
Device to measure musical beat
Fess up, own up to something
Whistleblowing website by Julian Assange
Dr. Jonathan Crane’s alter ego in DC comics
Italian equivalent of 50
Funny personal stories recounted by a comedian
Device for recording pictures and sound