Group 709

Puzzle 1

Goji berries or kale are this, beneficial to eat
Urban canine without an owner; stray pup
A leaved volume for preserving memories or tokens
Fatty lumps on the back of the thighs
Detailed, elaborate
Instance of breaking into another category, genre
Ceramic that is walked upon in a bathroom
Officially confirmed to meet certain standards
Detailed checklist of stock
Summon a person to a duel
Grievance, protest, criticism
Swimming pool team sport
Sudden and vivid memory of a past event
Exhibition for industry product demonstrations

Puzzle 2

Authenticity, genuineness
Emergency vessel that saves people at sea
Girl with very long hair who lived in a tower
Making devious plans
Floral accessories at proms or weddings
Wrongly sculpt, anagram of emphasis
Having paid off all the money you owed to others
Mammal nicknamed the Chinese firefox
Specialist in eyesight and vision problems
Take a user to another web page automatically
Monty Python musical, a Holy Grail ripoff
Narrow pathway component of a hearing organ
Sports group playing in their own stadium
Taking 40 winks
Curtain lining that does not let any light in
Security procedure at museum entrance
Actor who was Madonna’s first husband
Someone who functions better later in the day
Strong, wide, silver roll of sticky adhesive

Puzzle 3

Removes obscenities from a book
Black and white bird found in Antarctica
Espionage program that invades a machine
Long crack along a rock
Commander of a fire station or police district
station; where votes are cast in an election
Country whose foods include banh cam and bahn ran
Sequence of overlapping film clips
Describes people who are not genuine
Protective jacket worn in science lessons
Calm someone down, appease them
Container for bills and coins
Capital of Wales and site of a castle
A salon of Versailles’ palace is filled with them

Puzzle 4

Progression of eight notes on a musical scale
Mattel doll who’s friends with Ken
Cartoon boy with a laboratory
Only continent with land in all four hemispheres
bedroom; grandest sleeping area in a house
Words exclaimed in joy or triumph
Legally answerable, responsible by law
Someone who gives information to a reporter
Fellow actor who appears in the same show as you
Hat named after a water-carrying container
Led by a local around tourist spots
Sitting for a painting
DC Comics TV crime series starring Ben McKenzie
Taster session before joining a sports team
Seeds from cereal crops, e.g. rice, wheat

Puzzle 5

Penitent statements
Due to leave at a specific time
Male who films TV shows
Inventor of the telephone: Graham Bell
Shell-shaped, small French sponge cake
Seductive, attractive
Flight a member of cabin crew on a plane
A measure of public opinion (like the weather)
Behind-the-scenes worker in a theatrical play
Online music tracks saved to a phone or computer
Guarantee, legal certainty
Decorative covering for a mattress
Rust producing, causing destruction of a metal
Irreverence for something sacred or inviolable