Group 708

Puzzle 1

Blank space between a book’s two facing pages
Onlookers gather around a performer in this shape
Reddish type of wood; pitted fruit
Basketball playing Golden Retriever film
Exhaust stock of something
Disruption of power supply
Folding computer that’s portable
Describe the meaning or character of something
Shoulder large bones that support knapsacks
Our Last ; flashback song in Mamma Mia!
Chamber pot for a patient who can’t move
Photography rule dividing image into three
Feeling of sickness or queasiness
Master of the bears in Inuit religion
Egging someone on to take action
Mary is made with vodka, tomato juice, spices
This type of rodent is called a pig

Puzzle 2

Feeling of unrest and unease
Security fence within a PC for blocking outsiders
Predict, prophesize
Decorative ornament worn around the décolletage
Making a rasping, rattling noise when breathing
Poison ; bright amphibian with toxic secretions
Policies, written laws
Person who rents out property

Puzzle 3

Repair kits fix these for cyclists
Promised reward, motivation
Holiday keepsakes, picked up from a beach
Deep-fried Spanish snack usually made with ham
Hidden clues in an app, sounds a bit chocolatey
Compiled image or sketch of a sought-after suspect
Detroit’s nickname, after its once-proud industry
A near escape
Producing at maximum with the minimum waste
Self-obsessed person
Civil War general sacked by Lincoln after Antietam
Switch off the illuminations, it’s bedtime
Someone who is present but not participating
Instrument made of wooden bars hit with mallets

Puzzle 4

of the law; far-reaching power of authority
Varied, from different backgrounds
Herbs used to embellish a dish
Unconscious absorption of an idea
Having supernatural or occult qualities
Departs on a voyage by boat
Shakespearean poems
Rummy variant played with two 52-card packs
Smart, squeaky water mammal
First artificial satellite to enter Earth’s orbit
If you want a bit more in Costa Rica: un mas
Barbershop has a bass, tenor, baritone and lead
Type of photography in Vogue and Elle
The end of a relationship

Puzzle 5

Blade is this type of vampire
They are bigger than hills
Vocal get-together, maybe around a piano
French greeting of welcome
Moving entry gate at a stadium
Make, in a factory; invent a false story
The Hateful Eight director Quentin
Latin-American two-step, marching dance
Paved walkway next to the sea
Priest in Robin Hood story
Four- ; sleeping furniture with upright columns