Group 707

Puzzle 1

Revenge or retribution
An evening for sociability and fun
Fight back, be provoked to act
Looking for something
Players pass to them rather than the opposition!
Use this for opening bottles of wine
Three-part book, play or film series
Can be screwed and unscrewed
Flight personnel who give safety demonstrations
Blackmail, demanding money through menaces
Three-part books, plays or movies
Anxiety-causing factors
Caused a division of opinion

Puzzle 2

Hour for eating, perhaps with friends, family
1986 movie about fuzzy creatures from space
Sustained, brought about
Booked a seat in advance, e.g. a seat on a train
Holding on for dear life
Lacking humility, no modesty
Putting a message on Twitter; singing like a bird
Gave back the money

Puzzle 3

Going to visit a place and coming back
Official cocktail of the Kentucky Derby
The arc of a narrative
Unaware, unconcerned
Endorse a legal document with an autograph
Gets to know someone
Illuminating object mentioned in derogatory jokes
Bellow instrument with keys
Gets to know, familiarises
Outline the different forms a verb can take

Puzzle 4

Mouse-like creature, lives beneath ground
Show your emotions: Wear your heart on your
Metal that’s a symbol for 25-year anniversaries
Jabbing someone with a finger
Nickname for Mowgli in The Jungle Book
Very long nails might affect this computer action
Lounge for resting during sunshine hours
Jodie Bugsy Malone and Taxi Driver child star
Plant extract used to soothe bruising
Climb aboard a ship; begin a journey
Friends share these through laughing
Island group of São Miguel, Pico, Flores, et al
Handbook, instruction guide
Kids’ card game of collecting same-ranking cards

Puzzle 5

Point at which ice turns to water
Artwork and props that form an on-stage backdrop
Earphones or VR eye mask
Famous ocean liner wrecked by an iceberg
Small wheels used on office chairs for mobility
Camila Cuban singer of Havana
Scheduled inter-island water transport
Tool for creating a repeated pattern or design
Knobs or openers on furniture
Boxer’s second
Stiff necks of smart shirts
Submissive; non-violent
Oversees a portion of employees