Group 706

Puzzle 1

Youngster, adolescent
Systematic body of concepts about human life
Ribbon-like, long parasite, can live in the gut
Game played on a diamond
This person is always right, in business
US rock group famous for American Idiot
Flatter, praise someone for one’s own gain
Smallest and least populated country in Asia
Illuminated cuboid for tracing over
Small version of a laptop, easier to carry around
Good-looking, like a fairy-tale prince
Old Shakespearean monarch

Puzzle 2

Diagram illustrating stages in a work process
Lizard able to change its color
London recording studios used by The Beatles
Large round trophy worn around the neck
Study of stars, space and the universe
Lizard able to change its skin appearance
Study of disease and its progress
Often brass vessel containing an artillery charge
Expanding phone grip to stick on the back
Period following a dramatic event, its fallout
Expression meaning something is unfortunate
Balance, steadiness, constancy
Person who looks after historical records

Puzzle 3

Bits and pieces that are left over from a meal
Everlasting item of inheritance
Prepared written content spoken by a radio host
Tacky grin
Press this signal to answer in a game show
Seeded vegetable type grown from flowering vines
Bride-to-be in Mamma Mia!
Mexican resort on the Yucatán peninsula
Conserve this force to survive the shopping season
Red-haired star of comic strip and Riverdale
Old spider home
Solar they absorb the sun to create energy
Sweet fruits said to keep the doctor away
Fabrics used for tableware, cloths and napkins
loan, high cost, short-term money borrowing

Puzzle 4

Give the wrong impression, deceive
Japanese pocket monsters in games, cards, movies
Cheap plastic summer shoes, generally for children
To lie back, in a chair that does it for you
Dog ; police officer responsible for canines
Bar attached to ropes used by aerial performers
Valley, San Francisco technology hub
French archipelago near Mozambique
around, fooling about like an equine

Puzzle 5

Impetuous, quick to fly off the handle
Singing without instruments
Foundation that makes children’s dreams come true
Prequel to Silence of the Lambs
Athenian Doric temple of many pillars
Sphere in a pointing device that acts as a cursor
Furniture piece for placing a drink or book on
Artist who manipulates a toy attached to strings
Three-wheeled bikes
Marshmallow, nuts and chocolate ice cream
Acknowledging all faults and moving on