Group 705

Puzzle 1

Traffic jam
Spoken or written communication
Of bats or birds, settling to sleep for the night
Someone who gets angry when they lose a game
Portable money present for a specific store
Easily duped or manipulated
Month when winter begins in Northern Hemisphere
Dig out a hole with a large vehicle
Small Italian toasts served with toppings
Shoot and ski sport
She portrayed Mikaela in Transformers
Most abundant chemical substance in the universe

Puzzle 2

Singer of Only the Good Die Young and Piano Man
Way of meeting those looking for love on a phone
Trees or shrubs growing in swampy, brackish waters
Concluded, finished or done
System of dots and dashes for secret messages
Water-spraying safety mechanism in a building
Set in action, caused
Puzzling conundrums to solve
Overwhelming and sudden feeling of anxiety
Hair tied back, alluding to a horse’s rear view
Low boiling on the stove
Cash earned with very little effort

Puzzle 3

Any software used for looking at web pages
Earth, Venus, Mars
Using artificial lights for golden bronzing
Cannons and crossbows are these
Waving a taxi down
Round building covered with a dome
Throbbing of arteries
Capsicum fruits that can be red, green, yellow
Ceremonial robes, finery
Beverage-producing foliage
Drive a hard be ultra-determined in business
Filmed scenes that are broadcast on television
Biggest imperial size of penguin
Not using efficiently
Mary filled a magical bag with impossible items
Discount someone from a group of possible suspects

Puzzle 4

Prince who married Sarah Ferguson
Styrofoam plane to assemble and fly
Hit this button to delay an alarm
Lively, spirited, aggressive
Thin thread used in sewing
Eeyore’s bouncy friend
Climb up a rockface
Arachnid-named monkey species
note, in films it is made from cut-out letters
Fizzy drinks with ice cream on top
High clef in music or triple soprano
Infection causing thickened nails
His ghost haunts his former friend Macbeth

Puzzle 5

class, flight perks that can include a flatbed
Bond villain from Moonraker
Lovers habitually attach them to bridges
Professional office gatherings
Last-minute nerves leading to a change of heart
A GB, or 1,024 MB
Tiger and man marooned in the Pacific in this book
Wax coating, applied to hands for softness
Secret place, concealment
Liberal in giving, selfless
Where baseball players hang out