Group 704

Puzzle 1

Fasteners for holding back tresses on the head
Strengthen an item by adding extra support
Tools or supplies needed for a particular task
An actor’s speech or thoughts when alone on stage
Grand spaces for formal dances
Substance applied to limit perspiration smells
Astrological forecast based on date of birth
Trial period in a new job

Puzzle 2

Sightseer; someone who travels for leisure
Normal hour to retire to go to sleep
Transparent sheen applied last to nails
Catching a fish on a line
Scottish wind instrument
Reviewers, pundits
Cause to break into pieces
Mythological art of turning metals to gold
Ancient art of turning non-precious metals to gold
Greg Focker’s real first name in Meet the Parents
Chunks of chicken coated in breadcrumbs

Puzzle 3

From or relating to the Middle Ages
This type of sleeper always seem to be on sale
Depositing eggs in a stream by a fish
Investigation into a topic to discover facts
Catholic prayer and song that means Hail Mary
Condition that requires people to use insulin
Steal or misuse funds from a company

Puzzle 4

Make a situation palatable; dress with sweetness
Not easily forgotten
Totally shocked by an unexpected event
Kids’ pavement game with chalked squares
Borders, boundaries
witness; person who can vouch for you

Puzzle 5

Fleet of naval warships
Truman wrote In Cold Blood, a true crime book
In the lap of
Protective eye screens on helmets
To enjoy or delight in; condiment made of pickles
Person who owes money to a creditor
Statements giving proof of someone’s whereabouts
Those who show strong dislike of people
The effect something has
footprint; impression left on the environment
Games played by Katniss Everdeen
Bad smell that lingers
Load-bearing column on a building