Group 703

Puzzle 1

Abandoned, on a desert island, say
Extra cut of metal item for opening a locked door
Creature that feeds on animals it has killed
Lost island of antiquity near Gibraltar
Cycle trip for pleasure or leisure
Spanish word for breakfast
Perusing web pages
Norway is poetically called the Land of the Sun
Prediction, foretelling of the future

Puzzle 2

Given a royal headdress
Country with an old region called Transylvania
Not guided by good ethics
Immobilizing grip around an upper limb
Fast skinny dog like a greyhound
Shifty, secretive, sneaky
Italian anise liqueur
Bambi’s bunny friend, his tutor on ice
Gentle-to-moderate winds, especially at the coast
What kids worry about under their bed
Country fair lotteries with items as prizes
Hall of Versailles gallery for treaty signing
French composer of Clair de lune, Claude
Grip around an upper limb in wrestling

Puzzle 3

Rudely interrupt or insult a comedian
Japanese short poems
Danny and Sandy go together in this musical
Soldier placed on guard
Hint at, make an indirect reference to
Fruits such as lemons, oranges and satsumas
Party ; guest lacking a sense of fun
Exonerate from a crime
Queen Victoria chose this as Canada’s capital
Calm down, bring peace to
Weak hiss that ends something unspectacularly
Melted substance used in hair removal
Blahnik, maker of Carrie Bradshaw’s shoes
Standing prehistoric megaliths in NW France

Puzzle 4

Traffic-calming bump in the road
Pay to bring attention to a store or deal
Peach-like fruit with smooth skin
Loudhailer, cone to amplify one’s voice
Maestro or person who directs the orchestra
Truly repulsive
Hard-backed folder for protecting paperwork
People admitted to a company or hall of fame
Card-playing expression, giving nothing away
Famous Parisian palace and gardens
Lavish performance, show or display
Written account of historical events

Puzzle 5

Won an Oscar for his performance in Forrest Gump
Iconic TImes Square start to the New Year
Contemplate, think about doing something
Necrosis of human tissue leading to amputation
Bottoms of water bodies surrounded by land
Save an online photo or file onto your own device
Shriveled, withered, diminished
V-shaped insignia especially in heraldry
Person who helps forgetful actors with their lines
Withered, diminished