Group 702

Puzzle 1

Short, fun journey or trip
Substance that surrounds yolks
name; famous superstar known in every home
Correctness, stiffness, reserve
Imaginary instrument strummed by players
Book that contains written works from many writers
Adaptable, an all-rounder
Extinct marine arthropod with a flat oval body
Incapacitated, immobile due to poor health
3D gaming environments are described like this
Women’s dress-up shoes, not flats

Puzzle 2

Secretive, cunning and calculating
of Paris, white powder used to cast busts
A small fish sometimes found on a pizza
People who use skills to access computer networks
Make new items out of old, tired furniture
Pencil and paper game, solved letter by letter
Local inhabitants, born and bred
Not enough of something, an insufficient amount

Puzzle 3

Rotisserie-style cooking, on a skewer over flames
Advertising a product
Verifying, supporting
Vessel powered by boiling water
Noisy siren that alerts people to smoke or flames
Quick system of taking notes, used by journalists
Lacking in confidence, afraid to speak
Disney movie starring Amy Adams as a princess
Rockfall or mudslip from the side of a mountain

Puzzle 4

Infrequently, not all that often
Illusions performed by magicians
Zombies feast on these head organs
room; team game with clues and puzzle-solving
Rags to rising from the depths to the heights
Develop and change gradually over time
Large house on a lot of property
Pick these up at five, six in the counting rhyme
Someone new to a job or team
Hunger Games District 12 gesture, with 3 fingers
Crab that hides in others’ shells
Relax, destress

Puzzle 5

Can be trusted and counted on
Race in which two win simultaneously
Ornate food container to serve Japanese cuisine
Forced to take an alternative route
Outfit worn to conceal one’s identity
Traditional singing-speech of monks
Friend who is a perfect match
Public track for walkers
Something that is superficially attractive
Eloquent, persuasive speaking or writing
Television stations
Upright furniture for hanging caps and beanies
Marked with lots of tiny dots
Bubbly skin-cleaning liquid in a pump-dispenser
Well-known celebrity, extremely famous person
Person who accurately measures land and buildings