Group 701

Puzzle 1

Lifestyle of wealth, fashion and a lot of travel
Sign of the Times singer Harry
Machinery for converting fuel into motion
Area, terrain, division of land
Valued highly
Steak and pie, a traditional British staple
Egyptian god of the afterlife
Candle; collectible scented candle brand
Exams at the end of one’s university life
Felonies, illegal acts

Puzzle 2

Like an icy path, dangerous to step on
Lethargic, slow-moving
Walking aids for people with leg injuries
Baby geese
Anonymous, unknown, without a moniker
Oratory or addresses given to partygoers
Brushing lightly with fingers to make giggle
Lack of light
Recording to showcase a wannabe star’s talents

Puzzle 3

Evergreen herb used in Italian cooking
Protective or restorative treatment for tresses
Filled with disdain; scathing
Groups of people made up of relatives
Cognitive deterioration, generally in older age
Replacing an expired passport or season ticket
Soothing gel from a succulent plant
Structures that support shelves
Paid for a service rendered; given a prize
Disadvantage, negative aspect

Puzzle 4

En route, on the way
Treaties provide the terms of this
Considerate and polite, well-mannered
Something inevitable or a foregone conclusion
Readers’ page-keepers
Love interest of Franz in Coppelia ballet
Manual instrument used to whip up cream
Victorian item of clothing aka a crinoline
Vitamin B9; important for fetal development
One who gives up time for free to help others
Fellow crew members on a voyage
Slow motion or frame-by-frame photography
Vitamin B9; important for unborn baby development
Showing off, flourishing, parading
You’re playing it now
Members association for sailing enthusiasts

Puzzle 5

Blazing fire
Deposit put on a product that stays at the store
pie, citrus and cream dessert from Florida
Percussion set with cymbals and snares
Rope bed hung between trees
Symbols, badges
Places for birds to land or stand on
An unnamed guest on a wedding invite
TV shows that follow and film non-actors
Roman festival celebrated with song, dance, drink
Audible means within