Group 800

Puzzle 1

Flower posy worn on the wrist
1985 Wembley gig for Ethiopia famine
Just Do It’ is one of the most widely known
Shorthand for cotton, nose-blowing squares
Greek goddess of falling stars
Lee golfer, consecutive Open winner in the 70s
Ticket draws for prizes
Rum brand with bat logo
Smallest planet; chemical once used in thermometers
First martyr of the Christian Church, Saint
City of birth of Roald Dahl and Gareth Bale
Group of Indian subcontinent’s most deadly snakes

Puzzle 2

People often lose theirs screaming during concerts
A single-celled organism
Unable to catch an illness, resistant to germs
Syndicate that regulates prices
A mushroom or toadstool is this
Sculptor of Barcelona airport’s giant bronze horse
Restraint to prevent a dog from biting
Richard O’Brien’s campy musical, The Rocky Show
The Sleeping ; Tchaikovsky’s second ballet

Puzzle 3

Edgar Allan Poe’s final, complete poem, Lee
Island group containing St Kitts and Nevis
Budget airline founded by Stelios Haji-Ioannou
Cautionary message of impending danger
Hell’s Gordon Ramsay show and restaurant
To wax means to sing the praises of
Tiny air sacs in the lungs
Milli unreal pop band
A collection selected around a cohesive theme
Dog ; canine nimbleness over an obstacle course
Edward Beard ; invented the first lawn mower
Medical instrument with a precision blade to cut
Stirred with ice, dilluted with club soda
Element with the chemical symbol U

Puzzle 4

Dutch currency before they were replaced by euros
Her lust for golden apples made her lose a race
Having the same rights, status and opportunities
The power unit of an engine; most cars have 4 or 6
Chaotic situation, that draws ghoulish observers
Circular toy for hip gyration
Parasitic animal in the subclass Eucestoda
Slytherins are known for this quality
Geometric patterns that are seen in snowflakes
Coach and teach
Tar-based substance used for preserving fences

Puzzle 5

Measurement of an earthquake’s intensity
Large scale medieval catapult used in warfare
Audrey Hepburn-Fred Astaire movie of 1957
Leaping predatory fish, the fastest of its species
Rhizome used in Chinese and Japanese cuisine
scissors, used by kids to resolve disputes
To be begging or reaching with anguish
First-class accommodation on an ocean liner
Literally, a dance for two, in the French language
Gadget to remove the lid on a tin
Song by Fleetwood Mac; a muddy avalanche
Samuel de traced the course of the St Lawrence