Group 799

Puzzle 1

Class or ranking, often marked with 1-5 stars
Fringed plates on a whale’s jaw
Soldier who plays an instrument to send signals
Intense honey native to New Zealand
Dotage, later years in life
Hottest season
2017 Depeche Mode album
Bet, place a wager
Huge vessel for ladling soups from
Old As Time; Beauty and the Beast anthem
Ambrose US wit and author of The New Decalogue
She Wrote, with detective Jessica Fletcher

Puzzle 2

High fortresses
Security device to protect against cyber attacks
Active Italian volcano
Very, very hungry
Private bathrooms that adjoin bedrooms
Bikini, one-piece, or board shorts
Jet fuel
Kazuo author of The Remains of The Day
A designed font and its unique characteristics
Abdominal distension
Katrina and the Waves walked on this
Decathlete Daley who broke world records
Religious symbol often hung over a Christian altar
Hollywood Roman epic film of 1951

Puzzle 3

Stadium in Kuching, Malaysia
African dog, antelope chaser
One expects animated character Dora to do it
Vegetables preserved in vinegar
Huge locks, tresses with volume
Greek mythological half horse, half man
to Kill, Bond theme by Gladys Knight
Sara ; businesswoman who invented Spanx
Sneezy reaction to pollen
Urine-storing organ
Scientist that experiments with mixing solutions
African American celebration of life in December
Croatian Adriatic Sea island, linked to Marco Polo

Puzzle 4

The male child of your new wife or husband
Hawaii is in this ocean
Beats in battle
Metal element in milk that makes the bones strong
Cleanliness, state of sterility
Raymond, played by Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man
Pottery used for wine storage in ancient Greece
ISBN ; unique identifiers for commercial books
Dallas asked us who shot him

Puzzle 5

The Flash, Dash Parr, or Quicksilver
Walking in fast-flowing mountain streams
Captain Hook lived in fear of one
US state where Atlantic City is
All ok, fine; an album by Bowie
Staying power, persistence
Defender of a stance, doctrine or policy
Biblical sea serpent
Business where cuticles are shaped and decorated
Orange French cheese in ball shape, from Lille
Sumerian written wedge language