Group 798

Puzzle 1

Enhancer in food, extra ingredient
Middle-earth forest controlled by Morgoth
In broad not done in a clandestine way
Brown, jazz trumpeter who composed Joy Spring
Another name for Berners-Lee’s World Wide Web
Sam, Wiz, and Burj
The First State of the US
First Lady of ex-Argentine president Juan
The Day of the killer plants from space attack

Puzzle 2

Densely forested areas that are rich in wildlife
Early 20th C art style by Sonia & Robert Delaunay
An online class or conference through video
Feeling when bouncing on the high seas
Science of the physical earth, rocks, and sediment
Fire, sack someone
Crumples in clothing that needs ironing
Oven and hob combos
Relating to the works of the poet of the Iliad
Tennis shots that do not bounce
Polish dance performed in triple meter
With caution
When a witness lies under oath in court
Not loudly
Short upper garment that exposes the midriff

Puzzle 3

Part of the neck that helps swallow and speak
Tapes that TV shows could be recorded on in 1980s
To show off; to display to make others envious
Soviet baddies in the world of James Bond
US presidents Johnson and Jackson shared this name
You could watch these on a VHS in the 80s
Asian plants whose stems can be knitted like wool
Tubular bell-like instruments
Sweet spice used in eggnog, custards, stewed fruit
Whistling, burrowing rodent in Winnie-the-Pooh
giant, large in size, but a big softie at heart

Puzzle 4

The Clintons’ daughter
Social media site with a bird logo
Important Alpine pass between Italy and Austria
Pail Kids, card collection of grotesque babies
A business, its assets and employees
Type of pot someone would use in pre-plumbing days
Trail or route, especially through a difficulty
Thick stew/soup, often associated with clams
A swollen infection near teeth
Berthe French Impressionist of family scenes

Puzzle 5

Karl Ludwig and Franz Ferdinand
Aggression, readiness to fight
Move the body rhythmically to bring showers
Tablet of ; golden slab in Night at the Museum
Count them to feel grateful
Geometric shape with four 90-degree angles
Other half of John Oates’ musical duo
Moleskine sells some of the most popular ones
Pasta from Rome with egg, black pepper, and ham