Group 797

Puzzle 1

Hans Christian Andersen was born there
Spicy green paste served with sushi
Barter over price
Sport of Muhammad Ali
Important conference with world leaders
Calls to mind, reminds
Catlike, relating to cats
Khan, powerful third son of Genghis
Richie, All Night Long singer

Puzzle 2

Rudolf ; pioneering educational reformer
Physicist responsible for A Brief History of Time
Powerpuff Girl alongside Blossom and Buttercup
Thomas novelist of V and Gravity’s Rainbow
Movie where Harrison Ford plays John Book
Dish that inspired Prince Harry to propose
Slovenian-born wife of Trump
Newtonian discovery involving an apple
Crying like a willow tree

Puzzle 3

When the wind blows, this will rock
Italian city you should see and die, apparently
The imprints animals make in the ground
William, author of Neuromancer
Bet, wage, take a chance
Cube with red, white, yellow, green, blue squares
Chinese soapberry with sweet flesh
A native or inhabitant of ancient Troy
Name for a soldier from ancient Troy
A stone or metal carving of a person or animal
Medical name for a tailbone, base of the spine
Narrow trough that collects rainwater from a roof
Tony Award Winner Dear Evan

Puzzle 4

Pile of animal excrement
Philosophies within Hinduism
Bald green genius who wants to kill Superman
Legumes from which tofu is made
Spare period for doing fun things
This Mount features carved US presidential faces
Hand of God goal scorer in 1986 World Cup
Garment worn during a thunderstorm
Diverse group of people or things

Puzzle 5

Acting scene of a character talking to themself
Rule followers do everything this way
Aircraft with rigid limbs, not rotor blades
Another name for oil or bubbling crude
Hexagonal wax cells created by bees
A type of pita made from dough, but no yeast
Jake and Finn explore the Land of Ooo in Time
Muscle in the abdomen that controls breathing
Flammable film once used to shoot movies
E.g. the Ronettes, Little Mix, the Supremes…
Cheat, trick, deceive; anagram of blame bozo
Last name of Italian poet Dante
Irish stage actress has played Electra and Medea
Kansas place of Boot Hill cemetery and Wyatt Earp