Group 796

Puzzle 1

Pierre, Canadian PM from 1980, father of Justin
Tolkien’s Dark Lord, living underground in Angband
Legal approval notice of investigation or arrest
Blond barista on Friends
The long bone in the upper arm
Latin for to flourish or a person’s lifedates
Coastal autonomous community in northwest Spain
1970s metal band Sister, sang I Wanna Rock
Grow wealthy and bloom
Where people talk about mental health, childhood
Brave, valiant
Art style done by Derain and Matisse
This Crowe starred in Gladiator, A Beautiful Mind

Puzzle 2

moment; when everything falls into place
Being ; forgetting your house key
1980s women’s workwear with gravitas
Breed of dog that Cruella De Vil was after
Under a spell or charmed to like someone
Person who works behind the curtain
Sticky, like the consistency of rice

Puzzle 3

Battles another person or entity
Man from UNCLE star, Robert
Swiss watchmaker with a star logo
Amount of money set aside as a maximum spend
Japanese martial art with Tokyo 2020 debut
Region of the lower back
You might search for showtimes for these
A French acknowledgement of a telling remark
Deep sadness and grief
Austrian doctor, who induced trance-like states
Bladed shaving implements
Once a symbol, he sang When Doves Cry
Soviet human spaceflight mission

Puzzle 4

Bad omen if this feline crosses your path
Put the ; gentlemanly bathroom etiquette
Lead vessel in a fleet; most important member
Kidney treatment to remove uric acid
Place of the official residence of India’s president
The ceremonial unity between two people
Male falcons used in falconry
One-wheeled vehicle
Star of Skins and Slumdog Millionaire
to Heaven; much-covered Led Zeppelin hit
Fastest woman Flo Jo, or Griffith Joyner

Puzzle 5

Martin Cruz Smith thriller set in the Soviet Union
Yuletide: another word for
Persecution of sorceresses or dissenters
Tiny figure, like an Academy Award trophy
Square, famous London destination
He-Man’s brave tiger
Fans of Jerry Garcia’s band
Also known as garbanzos, used in hummus
Computer processing functions to problem solve
Handing out of money in limited amounts