Group 795

Puzzle 1

Improved the finances of
What pencils are filled with instead of lead
Sticky and shiny cosmetic to enhance the mouth
What beggars can’t be, according to the saying
Beals, who played Alex in Flashdance
Use GPS to find hidden treasure
Spooky musical instrument, played without touching
Name of the Grey in TV show Grey’s Anatomy
The right to vote
Volodymyr, became Ukraine president in 2019
Fruits, veggies are this, based on growing times
Botanical alcohol known as ‘The Green Fairy’
Smelling the air

Puzzle 2

Animal ; rearing livestock on a farm
What is made on PowerPoint
Mark Billingham’s Sleepyhead detective
Electrical implanted device for heart regulation
Large glazed alcove on an outer wall of a building
Mikhail, Soviet Union leader, Nobel Prize winner
Things like bacteria that can cause disease
Electrical device inside the heart to regulate it
Greek goddess of love represented by Venus de Milo
Illegal bar in the Prohibition era
Three dimensional visual art form carved or molded

Puzzle 3

Board grease to avoid slippage in water
Madonna’s eldest daughter
Spanish punch made of fruit and wine
Large, fancy house with many rooms
Ends or lines that separate countries
Someone who gives up or admits defeat
Muslim monk who dances in circles, whirling
Phil Collins sang and drummed In the Air
Part of a house where smoke comes out
Inigo Princess Bride fencer, avenges his dad
Something that is said but hasn’t been proven yet
A baby hare

Puzzle 4

Small French restaurant
A counter to measure radioactivity
Physical movement or response to something
Soviet location for the 1980 Summer Olympics
Mark that ends most sentences
Athlete that rides the horse during races
Roman ruler told to beware the Ides of March
Owls are a symbol of this virtue
Eleven’s choice breakfast food on Stranger Things
Do this to your PC to avoid losing files
German chancellor Angela
Animals so slow that moss grows on their fur
Paul or Ringo
Popular Disney film starring Elsa and Anna

Puzzle 5

Abandons or discards a scheme
City home to the Van Gogh Museum
Unofficial fighter or warfare
Elusive religious drinking vessel
Alvin, Theodore and Simon are these animals
One half of a plastic 1980s footwear pair
Italian starter, e.g. cured meat, olives
What the 7 dwarfs are doing while they work
Black and white cat in Looney Tunes cartoons
Female horse kept to produce offspring
Instrument where mallets hit wooden bars