Group 794

Puzzle 1

Scribbling a note or story
Lie back
First name of child star and cherry soda drink
Retro, classic style
Australian wild dogs
Ghetto blaster; portable music speakers
Acquiring an orangey-brown, grainy patina
Portable music player, popular in the 80s
Large gym bag with handles for carrying
Ancient city of the Temple of Artemis
Soderbergh 2002 movie based on Lem book
Slang for an uncouth boxer with heavy fists

Puzzle 2

Boy George’s The Game
Taking the route: the longer but prettier way
Hairstyles for Teddy Boys, came back in the 1980s
Sacrificial structures
Sister of SuperTed’s best friend Spotty
The Eloi and Morlocks live there
Eel known as ma-anago in Japanese cuisine
Deep narrow valley or a crack in an icy landscape
Take off, subtract
Steve Buscemi in Reservoir Dogs
Bond, covenant
Contraption used to climb to high places
App for making and watching lip-sync videos

Puzzle 3

Anticipating future problems, needs or changes
Wants to Rule the World, Tears for Fears song
Dench and Coogan film about the search for a child
Heathland, chapparal
Object in orbit
Piccadilly accommodation for high society
Quick-cooking kitchen appliance
Rolled up tobacco
Swedish glass company with 1740s origins
Unfinished Kaufka novel about bureaucracy
Person who skis and shoots

Puzzle 4

Radio news presenters
Vulpine dance in the ballroom
Top sleep two to a bed, heads at either end
Pretend medicine that actually works
Big guy defeated by David with a slingshot
Legend says Nero did this while Rome burned
Famous King of the Vampires
Having more beef or pork than another burger does
Frog or fish in Wonderland; palace servant
Series of sailing races
Patch Kids, dolls with birth certificates
Another word for under or below

Puzzle 5

King of the Fair Folk in The Black Cauldron
Series of famous sculptures by Jeff Koons
Brown and white innards from certain crustaceans
Sophie’s companion the Big Giant
Looked at, watched
Sugariest type of Taboo that Sade sang about
Brush protection from the rays on Caribbean sands
Performed magic tricks
Chilean capital with Plaza de Armas
nurse, care specialist after surgery
Bodily substances that affect mood
Baleen whale known for mating in Hawaii
Make something sound or seem less important