Group 793

Puzzle 1

First name of Royal Navy Vice-Admiral Nelson
Old name for what is now Microsoft Outlook
Mercury of Queen
NASCAR’s Darlington, Richmond, or Sonoma
and Mimi, lead lovers in Puccini’s La Bohème
Temperature that’s below 0 degrees
Rekeyed a letter if lost or wrong
A ninja or a tennis shoe
Curling the hair with a non-temporary treatment
Donald Glover’s city named TV show
Renovate a home or office
Hindu word for supreme being, god, ruler, queen
Shipped, carried over water
someone’s leg; teasing or making a joke
Cattle drinking receptacles

Puzzle 2

Charles Frankish ruler from 718 to 741
You might sign one before they let you skydive
Cause and
Don’t put Baby in this, said Johnny
Russian administrative division or region
Fragile packages are often marked with care
Reading material in electronic form
Edible rhizome used in cakes, biscuits, curries
Beating fast, running fast
City in British Columbia with a fishy name: Arm

Puzzle 3

What quill pens were made from
Comfortable shoes to wear indoors
Dynamite character whose best friend is Pedro
Figures such as 1, 2, 3 or X, V, I
Free an animal from captivity
Typically African wild animals eaten for food
Capital city of Franche-Comté region, with citadel
Celestial events often featured in myths
Shakespeare gave one a close call in Venice
Military hairdos
Quiet highwaymen without the benefit of horses
One who brings goods into a country illegally
Looks at critically
New 1980s movement adopted by Duran Duran

Puzzle 4

He was played by Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop
Tall yellow bloom; seeds boost blood circulation
1992 R.E.M album was this For The People
Conical form of cloud and water like a tornado
Celebration of Fat Tuesday in New Orleans
Friend you spend time with
Kinship, sharing of familial DNA
Famous Calvin Klein perfume introduced in 1980s
Muscle between the throat and stomach
Hoggle and Sarah met David Bowie in this movie
A sudden ripple effect from an explosion or event

Puzzle 5

Person from the island at the toe of Italy’s boot
This message will self- in 3, 2, 1…
The most abundant periodic element on earth
Sikh festival celebrated in mid-April each year
An unwavering member of one political party
Escaping from a plane upwards
Plot with others to take someone down
A mixed drink minus the alcohol
Clothing pads either side of the neck, 1980s style
Sunglasses named after pilots that wear them