Group 792

Puzzle 1

Genus of animals that stemmed from wolves
Basque sport similar to jai alai
To create something that previously didn’t exist
What you do on a trampoline; to quickly rebound
Ted Danson show where everybody knows your name
If you have lots of bad luck, you might be this
Pico de gallo calls for these spicy bulbs
Another term for dog
Ultraviolet ones help nails dry faster
BRICS country: Russia, India, China, S. Africa

Puzzle 2

All stock has been bought; no longer available
What people fill out on dating sites to find love
rivalry; animosity between brothers and sisters
Director of 1994 ABBA-themed Muriel’s Wedding
Male geese
Bird that ignites in flames to rise from the ashes
French city the Big Easy is named after
Saint who is celebrated yearly on March 17th
Tropical fruits with juicy, orange flesh
Gloria, who sang Rhythm Is Gonna Get You
Green-outfitted servants from The Handmaid’s Tale
Tiny, shiny plastic pieces for arts and crafts
Totally clean; with no bacteria
They aren’t gases or solids

Puzzle 3

Cinnamon whisky
First Roman emperor born outside of Italy
Great basin touching 4 US States and Canada
Type of premolar tooth with two points
Richard the marine biologist in Jaws
Descriptive name for a young racehorse
Wad of camphor used to deter butterfly relatives
Catholic prayer asking Christ’s mother for help
Join the numbers to reveal a hidden picture
Person who deserts a cause or defies laws, customs
1 2 3 4 5 6 is a really bad one, apparently
Should I Stay or Should I Go band

Puzzle 4

What Easter eggs are made of
Elaborate procession, or a play by Noël Coward
Who Han Solo said this to: Laugh it up, fuzzball
Animal that feeds off other animals’ kills
Something applied to armpits to guard from stink
They were Fine Young ones, who were driven crazy
GPS is modern technology that fills this role
Wilting, fading

Puzzle 5

He sings I’m Not the Only One
1964 Cold War thriller; or backup that limits harm
Home to capital Kuala Lumpur
Book of Revelation: Four of the Apocalypse
Talkback communication system for buildings
A story with a hidden moral meaning
Liquid condiment made from fermented bean paste
Removing items from packaging
Neon, bright, radiant shade of pink, green, yellow
An athlete who’s expected to succeed soon
White parrot breed with a plume on its head
Danger or hazard, or US game show
Oscar architect of Brasilia’s civic buildings