Group 791

Puzzle 1

Underwater city created in Plato’s stories
Plastic sticks used for integrating sugar in tea
Great place for a canine; bad for a spouse
Volcanic island US Navy used for target practice
Polynesian island with extinct twin volcanic peaks
Unlimited number, time or distance
1980s movie about clique of girls with same name
Furniture with shelves for novels
Style of skydiving or web comic set on planet Jean
Speedy but poor-quality solution to a problem
Native Scottish pony breed

Puzzle 2

Pilgrimage town in France
A place dedicated to displaying art
Type of square used to predict genotypes
Competent and qualified
Pigs are used to find this earthy delicacy
Maui beach known for the most daring surfers
Band that sang Don’t Stop Believin’
Hollywood acting dynasty of Kirk and Michael
Bluetooth earbuds sold by Apple

Puzzle 3

A small cafe serving light food and coffee
Hard skin built up on the hand through hard work
Australian Problem singer Iggy
Japanese method of searing meat over a hot flame
Peter who is better known as Spider-Man
Literary land found through a wardrobe
Gettysburg, Hastings or Waterloo
Polly tiny sets of dolls and their worlds
Capital of the territory of New Caledonia
Female superior of a convent
Adhere to the rules
The purity of gold is measured in these
Hopeful dating subscribers swipe right on this app
Ways of being, of living as a Hindu, a religion
Surname of Rocky the boxer

Puzzle 4

Venomous nocturnal mammal with long snout from Cuba
The amount of data that can be moved on a network
Milan motor scooter manufacturer
The way someone exists, their habits and food
Rodin, Donatello, and Michelangelo
When You Wish popular Disney anthem
Period of peace, harmony and progress
Small citrus fruit named like a Moroccan city
OH with a negative charge
Kind of ink that spies might use
Barroom game of throwing sharp objects at this
Lie detector test
Shooting and skiing competitions
Genre that The Handmaid’s Tale is written as
She played Lady Rose in Downton Abbey
Bodily system of glands

Puzzle 5

JW brand of international upmarket hotels
Low-sugar cola brand that came out in 1982
Sleepy little animal at the Mad Hatter’s tea party
Doll, statuette
Michelle one third of Destiny’s Child
Northern French brandy tasting of apples
National Park in California with giant sequoias
This is a regenschirm in German
Small sticks, pieces of wood for starting a fire
Indiana Jones was looking for the Ark of this