Group 790

Puzzle 1

Upholstered footrest; Turkish dynastic empire
Unit equal to 4.1848 joules
Products brought into a country from elsewhere
Vehicle ridden for the Tour de France
A Game of title of a 2011 Sherlock Holmes film
Recited script for public religious service
Memory loss from a head injury
Italian composer of The Four Seasons
Throw to the wind!
Triangular snacks in blue, orange and red bags
Knitted ankle coverings, leg
L’Homme ; bronze man, sold for US$141.3 million
Gulf located next to Italy’s heel
Teenage cartoon reptilians with ninja skills

Puzzle 2

Deceiving your competitors in a game of poker
We all scream for it
Expressive strips of hair over the eyes
Name for a common citizen in Ancient Rome
Fight-ender that causes unconsciousness
Long flat pasta, means little tongues in Italian
Martial arts film series starring Uma Thurman
Paula Abdul sang Up
Large port city in South Africa
Varna class of Vedic teachers, priests in Hinduism
George Eliot’s titular hero
Two or more atoms held together by chemical bonds

Puzzle 3

pants, MC Hammer’s trademark baggy garment
Members of the UN
Tissues that connect two bones together
Data transmission capability by high speed WiFi
Actor known for playing Jason Bourne
People who carry out wills
Unknown people are often plucked from here
A chunk of an asteroid that’s fallen to earth
Prince of thieves, Nottingham robber for the poor
Former male spouse
Eagles single and album of 1973

Puzzle 4

Semisoft Danish cheese with a buttery taste
Description of a pendulous Salix babylonica
Milan, The Unbearable Lightness of Being writer
The southernmost State in the continental US
One can be written under an online post
The Southernmost State in the US
one’s bets; keeping one’s options open
Lead singer of the band Nickelback, Chad
Paper folding artform
Break in play when the clock stops

Puzzle 5

A sigh of this might be given when feeling better
Philippines autocrat, Ferdinand
Dennis was this in the comic strip
Word that goes after search or steam
What the mouse controls on a computer
Punk band The Ramones were from this NYC borough
A mass in space that appears as a cloud
These fall off trees in the autumn
Robert Jr. plays Tony Stark
Illuminated Copenhagen pleasure gardens
Type of restaurant with wurst menu choices
Bright plastic Swiss timepiece brand for wrists