Group 789

Puzzle 1

Therapeutic sunroom
Keith Rolling Stones guitarist
Refrigerator chamber that produces frozen cubes
To be capable of making mistakes
Almond-shaped brain part involved with emotions
French undersea explorer and inventor, Jacques
Short stature French general and Emperor
Greek god of wine, usually pictured holding grapes
Call sign for Tom Cruise in Top Gun
Babylonian pyramidic temple towers
Tiny animals that whales feed on
Italian designer with campy pop culture references
Youngest and most faithful daughter of Lear
Famous London Shakespearean playhouse
Greek fast food meat dish served on skewers

Puzzle 2

Spock was from this planet in Star Trek
Scouts need a keen eye for it
Person who writes books
An ancient weaving technique forming an open mesh
The of Zelda, game set in the world of Hyrule
Involuntary reaction of a body part to a stimulus
Paul Simon sings Life I love you, all is
Neo from the Matrix wore this type of coat
This is believing
Japanese name for flying fish roe
GPS tech firm with Forerunner smart watch
Physical activity that increases your heart rate

Puzzle 3

Apple computer line first introduced in 1984
Gallerie dell’ ; Venice museum of art
2008 Lady Gaga song about being photographed
This person travels to the moon, outer space
Chinese Square where protests happened in 1989
DC character with the alter ego Jason Rusch
Study of the origin of the universe
Mission Impossible star
American writer of A Farewell to Arms in 1929
Leading mystery-solving male in Scooby-Doo series

Puzzle 4

Himalayan climbing guides
Classic gin and vermouth drink with olives
Debbie Harry fronted this band that’s a hair shade
Acts of courage and bravery
Finely shredded wood used as animal bedding
Two-piece beach garments
Cable used to top up a phone’s battery
Pink canary in Tiny Toon Adventures: Pie
Roman messenger of the gods with winged sandals
There are 1,440 in a day
The Simpsons’ Principal Skinner
The Austen’s fragmentary unfinished novel
Denim clothing company founded in 1852, Levi
Central network of radiators in a house

Puzzle 5

1991 REM hit heard on the airwaves
Two-piece, shiny loungewear of the 1980s
Wrapping found around retail goods
Female fighter, led France to victory in 15th c.
African straw hat, national symbol of Lesotho
Kids toss these frozen projectiles through the air
One of two of the coordinates, from East to West
Quasimodo’s medical issue
Welsh actor plays Mycroft in Elementary