Group 788

Puzzle 1

Island; Canada’s largest isle
James wrote Lost Horizon book on Shangri-la
Robe worn by Ottoman sultans
Yellow shirt worn by Tour de France leader
It’s to give than to receive
Skates with wheels
Delicacy dish of sturgeon roe
Female organ where children are conceived
Mickey Mouse’s inamorata
Ball-firing piece of heavy artillery
Nickname for the legendary Scottish water monster
Clive Cussler book, Matthew McConaughey film
Potion or treatment for what ails you

Puzzle 2

Pirates wore one to keep one half used to darkness
1940 Disney animation paired with classical music
The range of an instrument
Home of El Capitan cliff
Board game of buying properties
Tape that 1980s music used to be recorded on
Capital of Serbia, it means white fortress
Soft, fine, expensive wool made from goats
Astrid ; creator of Pippi Longstocking books
Aquatic mammal closely related to the dolphin
Black syrup from sugar beets, used in baking
These get buried when people make peace
Recommend or suggest someone for an award

Puzzle 3

What sank the Titanic
Raw fish, often served with sushi
Microsoft’s PC operating system
Kylie the pop princess
Bigger than a state, smaller than a continent
Outtake from a movie production of a comical error
Circus performer with flaming clubs
Nadia Comaneci was a perfect-10 one of these

Puzzle 4

Reproductive organ of a flower containing pollen
Medal given for 2nd place
Alfred and sidekick Robin’s boss
Teach; Blackbeard the pirate’s true identity
World famous doll that Aqua sang about
Former US president Ronald and wife Nancy
Substance quality with a PH lower than 7
Spanish rice dish topped with seafood
Property owned and passed down through generations
Phil Collins film about the Great Train Robbery
Powerful Etta James song
Commonly constructed sand structure
African nation nicknamed land of a thousand hills

Puzzle 5

Secretariat, Seabiscuit, or Justify
Network of underground tombs beneath Paris
This item is also known as a prune
Jibe that is below the belt
Medical specialist that treats asthma and hives
Expression through movement with no props
Blood components that help clotting
She was a Woman in Love
Yellow weed with strong root, clock-like flowers
Economical rise and fall of what money is worth
Vehicle for a lazy river ride