Group 787

Puzzle 1

Finn plays Mike Wheeler on Stranger Things
A quadratic function forms this shape on a graph
Stephen King book, unusual spelling, Pet
Chemical that prevents tooth decay
Rotating horse ride at a fair
Face made from punctuation in texts or emails
Oily fish like a sardine
Jean de French peasant film of the 1980s
Plant life, grass and hedges
Latin expression that means through my fault
Twelve men who worked with Jesus
British rock band fronted by Chris Martin
Vanquished an enemy
Category for eight-legged creatures
White mark along the back of a tennis court

Puzzle 2

Formal suit men wear for weddings and events
German toast of good health
Latin word meaning be well used to toast
Cowboys put saddles on them
Single-cell reproductive units of bacteria/fungi
Elvis Presley hit song Love Me
To ask a higher court to reverse a legal decision
Mayim, who played young C.C. in Beaches
Downhill skiing event with flags to weave in & out
Photo of a person taken by that same person
and booted; dressed in formal attire

Puzzle 3

A plant that lives inside another plant
Lonely one-player card game
Masked superhero known as the Green Hornet
Thick, heavy outer layer worn by soldiers
Belief system that the world is not a globe
An open ledge to hold paperbacks
What young fans of Justin Bieber call themselves
Building for monks and nuns to live and work
Sealed ; sent with love
Ancient remains of a citadel in Athens, Greece
Tess McGill’s boss, Parker, in Working Girl
Don Quixote’s trusty horse in Cervante’s novel
Big island next to Canada

Puzzle 4

The shape of this hair source determines curliness
Actor who played the hero pilot, Captain Sully
Doc Wild West gunslinger, also a dentist
A society based on producing crops
Bound, Simon & Garfunkel song of 1966
You can have your cake and
Ironing hair into crinkles
Stuttering Looney Tunes cartoon character
Cherished, of great value or price

Puzzle 5

Younger sister of Princess Beatrice
Design partner to Dolce
Caribbean island country invaded by the US in 1983
Sea reptiles including leatherback and green
Scientific study of forces, matter and energy
Dan, who was Ray Stantz in Ghostbusters
Stories of personal history
Broad blade knife to chop coconuts or tall grass
Some say twins look like these in a pod
Sculptor who designed the Elgin marbles