Group 786

Puzzle 1

A whipped dessert or foaming hair product
Synonym for code of morality; university course
Human band that asked Don’t You Want Me
Soft hues common during Spring and Easter
Covered outdoor structure for leisure
Anne Rice’s vampire nicknamed the Brat Prince
Daughter of Jada Pinkett and Will Smith
Animal of the phylum Porifera used in the shower
Farm tool also used by the Grim Reaper
Solar yellow chakra in upper abdomen
To the ; completely following the rules
Tissue that lines the back of the eye

Puzzle 2

A scientist of plants and their classification
Capital of Syria, also known as City of Jasmine
Judas and Brutus are famous for this
To be unwavering; sticking to your guns
Fold in origami, a companion to the valley fold
Repeated choruses at the end of verses
Famous white marble mausoleum in Agra, India
Artist who creates clay or metal works
The two major hemispheres of the brain
Oily fish, cured and used in stick-style bo-sushi
Ornate detailing in calligraphy and metalwork
1980s group of actors from The Breakfast Club
Blueish bulging veins
Earnings from a sale or auction

Puzzle 3

Type of work like a dictionary or thesaurus
Design for tresses on the head
Resign from a position, call it a day
Farm tool that the devil holds
Leisure hours not spent working
Lemon Chiffon was a friend of this Strawberry
French cooking method to create creamy meat stews
Day of the week that’s an Addams Family girl
Horizon spot on a 2D drawing: point
Severe thunderstorm, with name like a battery
Graph or chart that uses symbols

Puzzle 4

Deep lake in the Andes between Peru and Bolivia
Literary tool of replacing words to avoid repeats
French sauce made with white roux and milk
Space dance move made famous by Michael Jackson
Grail Knight, played by Python John Cleese
People get old junk appraised on Antiques series
Rubbery material that can withstand high heat
French word for women’s underwear
Greek Trojan warrior with a weakness in his ankle
Band that’s harder, better, faster, stronger
Space dance move invented by Michael Jackson
Fragments of an explosive
Male horse on the Ferrari logo
Title of a newspaper article
Energy, feeling created by rubbing or disagreement

Puzzle 5

Collapse, break into small pieces
Series of various small tasks that don’t pay well
spray, put on the face to keep makeup in place
North American myth of a tall ape man in the woods
Director of the 1979 comedy, Meatballs
What the O in IMO in a text message means
Type of well one throws coins into
Childhood home of Diana, Princess of Wales
Brussels is the capital of this country
Theory on how the universe began
Chinese game of tiles