Group 785

Puzzle 1

Hans ; Die Hard movie series villain
State of a fruit that has not matured
Nova Canadian province with NS abbreviation
Ornamental panel used to block a window or door
Fasten, do up; One, two, my shoe
Black hedgehog who is the rival of Sonic
A type of freshwater crustacean with a flat body
Wall in Germany that began to fall in 1989
Barbara ; improved space photography techniques

Puzzle 2

Machine where a button drops someone into water
Bridget Jones’s creator, Helen
Japanese chicken kebabs
A Renaissance song for several voices
Samuel L. Jackson’s Marvel role
A fish rots from the
Comic-book cat who had a teddy called Pooky
Indicating something with your index finger
First emperor of the Roman empire
Egg-laying, duck-billed, beaver-tailed mammal
Infantile chatter, speak like a toddler

Puzzle 3

Hawaiian city with Diamond Head volcano
Person-powered transport, once common in Asia
She sells seashells by it
French chemist who discovered iodine: Barnard
Long-living animal with a shell
Traditional topknot hairstyle of a sumo wrestler
Dom brand of champagne named after a monk
Devoted fan of Justin Bieber
Female spirits with ear-piercing wails
1980s actress Molly who was Pretty in Pink
Republic, the Netherlands’ name in 1795-1806
Cousin of Bo in 1980s Hazzard County TV series
Tommy American fashion designer
Highly educated types, especially those into books
Main structural component of connective tissue

Puzzle 4

Taste of sugar or feeling of kindness
A somnambulist does this
Chocolate-making process that aligns its crystals
Permed 1980s Afro wave from hairdresser Redding
Sweet life in Italian
The last English Queen of the House of Tudor
Matt Damon’s protective EVA garment in The Martian
Controversial winners of FIFA World Cup in 1986
Popular Fleetwood Mac song
This is stepped over upon entering a building
Airport gate for leaving

Puzzle 5

Eliminate, dismiss
Jellyfish at their reproductive stage
Bay, Bobby Bloom song about Jamaican city
Mark who plays Hulk in the Avengers
call; audition process where actors are chosen
It can fall from a palm tree
Places where pupils go most days to learn
Stretchy fabric of 1980s leggings, like Lycra
Classification more specific than genus
Daenerys is the Mother of these fire-breathers