Group 784

Puzzle 1

Funny, five-line poem
Tuscan bread and vegetable soup
Decade when Queen Elizabeth II was born
Amount of wintery stuff dropped in a blizzard
Slap straight band that curves on the wrist
What birds are usually doing in the morning
Stuntman and retired skateboarder with video game
Ammunition storage; mailed publication
Pull out all ; make every possible effort
Elena Rivera in Coco; Spanish for granny
Cog icons for changing appearance and volume

Puzzle 2

A World, TV show with Lisa Bonet
Aspiring fashion designer Archie Comics character
Sliding down a wire, often in treetops, for fun
Physics branch concerning the properties of sound
Bright yellow butterfly, looks like a leaf
Director responsible for E.T.
Small outdoor areas affixed to tall buildings
Venetian passenger ferry operated by an oarsman
Triangular chocolate brand
Austen’s book about Elizabeth Bennet: Pride and

Puzzle 3

Elizabeth, designer of Princess Di’s wedding dress
Highest of the four singing voices
Hungarian American magician and escape artist
Strip of material used to cover a wound
Real or true; sincerely felt
Long green lettuce with yellow heart
Three-storied Renaissance palazzo in Rome
Hurt, like an animal
Way to transfer files wirelessly on Apple devices
Meat-eating South American fish with sharp teeth

Puzzle 4

Destination known for its Orchard Road district
Annoying, aggravating, bothersome
The since sliced bread; a great new invention
Treason against a country
Any Australian mammal with a pouch
II, Spanish king, sponsor of Columbus
Background substance inside the membrane of a cell
Last move in chess
Artificial waterway in Egypt
James Hilton’s mystical paradise
Mild, buttery Norwegian cheese
Viewing of a film
A swimming stroke; a rap improvisation
Alliterative cousin of Bo in The Dukes of Hazzard

Puzzle 5

Personal water craft made by Kawasaki
Abdominal crunch exercises
A shop that produces bread and sweets
Phrase or word repeated as prayer or meditation
1980 song by ELO and Olivia Newton-John
Henry explored Canada, a bay is named for him
In a saying, nice guys do this last
George the hero of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
Sigourney Weaver played Ripley in this space movie
Character created by players in video games
Sensitive, easily offended