Group 783

Puzzle 1

Flatfish with both eyes on same side of the head
Olympic Swiss city situated on Lake Léman
Paul Newman played this Luke
Pink calming skin balm or lotion
1960s girl group with Diana Ross: The
Dish of fried squid dipped in marinara sauce
Newspaper editors work to this due date
Conservative UK prime minister aka The Iron Lady
Roman Catholic dignitary

Puzzle 2

Time After Time singer, Cyndi
African trip for seeing giraffes, lions and more
The penguin in Toy Story 2
cross, design on Scandinavian national flags
Frisbee-like object thrown by Olympians
Cropped jacket or Spanish dance
Religious title meaning one who is awake
Plan or plot
Tropical bird with the longest beak in the world
Shrinking ; someone shy and modest
Each of 3 mythical sisters with snakes for hair

Puzzle 3

Aesthetically pleasing, lovely to look at
Hindu teacher of spiritual knowledge
First part of the Three Musketeers’ motto
Central American nation with a rich coast
Sense of smell
Female hero from Krypton
Don Johnson wore white suits in this crime show
Pleasing, lovely to look at
Explorer Thor, famous for Kon-Tiki expedition
The movie industry of India, based in Mumbai

Puzzle 4

Anne won an Oscar for Les Miserables
Two-player card game with alcoholic name
Governor of the Bastille, killed in the revolt
Going to bed and resting with the eyes closed
Plant where coconuts grow
Stein, her Paris salon was a mecca for writers
McDonald’s ice cream dessert
Top-earning musical in Broadway box office history
Presidential part of the White House
Capital of the UAE
Constantly updating list of stories on Facebook
Straight line across middle of a circle
Routine of products to treat and protect the face
Billy ; Miley’s dad, with an Achy Breaky Heart
Alan Moore comic series with Ozymandias

Puzzle 5

Tony Stark’s alter ego as a self-made superhero
Toronto’s tall structure with revolving restaurant
Person who can fix a pair of Manolo Blahniks
What someone with glossolalia talks in
She’s Like a Virgin and her Papa might Preach
Identifying someone in a photo online with a pin
One of a cat’s vibrissae
2019 video game set in Aurai
To replace products that sold out
Strength or power of a medicine
Don ; knightly ballet based on Cervantes’ work
Carlo Italian creator of Pinocchio in 1881